Hello Straya: Phillip Island: Delicious Chocolate, Cute Penguin, and Shipwreck

August 31, 2017

I was tried to find penguin at St. Kilda, but I can't see those penguin clearly, because of dark. At the end, my boyfriend took me to Phillip Island. Of course who knows it, Phillip Island is really famous with its penguin parade at sunset.

Internet become my boyfriend best friend. He jumped at the internet to find what else that we can see at Phillip Island. After he found out, we went to Phillip Island in Sunday. He said, put the warm clothes, because it will be windy. Since we went to Phillip Island at autumn, and the wind was really cold.

Panny's Chocolate Factory

Our first destination was Panny's Chocolate Factory. This chocolate factory is bigger than Yarra Chocolatier. I have made a post about Yarra Chocolatier HERE. And the ticket to get inside this Panny's Chocolate Factory is AUD17 each for adult. 
gate to the fun 
In that much price, we can get lots of things, like the story how Australian chocolate was produced, the first time it produced, some old posters about chocolate advertising, old chocolate advertising that we could see from the monitors around. The displayed in this place are all made from chocolate. Played with some of their machines to make a chocolate. And lots of more.
world map made from 100% chocolate
Dame Edna Everage (Australian Comedian Character) pictures made from chocolate truffle
close up of the chocolate truffles for making Dame Edna's picture
Vintage Chocolate poster

You can also find an interactive display, that let you play or watched. These are some of the video of the interactive games and displays that they have:

This one is my favorite:

There is also some games, that if we win, we will get the wooden ball that can be exchange with chocolate. One ball with one chocolate. Too bad, you can only have maximum 8 balls. If you get more than 8, you still get 8 chocolate balls.

Go around the place, and you can find the biggest chocolate waterfall, that pouring its chocolate every 15 minutes.

One of the machine makes us able to make our own chocolate, too bad the machine was broken, so we passed it.

The Nobbies

After playing at Panny's, our next destination was The Nobbies. The Nobbies is the sight seeing that faced the southern sea. We could se the sea rock, the place where the seagull gathered. Too bac, since the wind is really strong, no seagulls can be found.
The Nobbies Path
Sea Rock hit by a big wave

Then again, this place is place where the penguin come and go. Again, because of the strong wind, no penguin seen walking around. But you can see them at the boxes that spread around The Nobbies. They said the boxes are prepared for penguin to rest. When I looked closely, there was indeed a couple penguins at the couple boxes around. They said, the penguins will leave the boxes at the sunset.
One of the boxes which have the penguin inside 
enjoying a cup of warm coffee and fish & chip at the nobbies cafe
Cold and have to hold my willing for business number one, even I already wore my jackets (yes double jacket). We went into their cafe. We warmed ourselves here, while have cappucinnos and fish and chips. Inside their cafe they also sells gifts, lots of gifts from mug until glass decorations. Or if you want, you can come at their southern sea animals museum.

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

If you are Moto GP fans, this place also the must-to-visit place. Yess... Grand Prix Circuit. Here where Valentino Rossie and friends doing their race. Who knows for my Indonesian reader who bored to go to Sepang, could come into this place as alternative. In this circuit we also able to have go kart race too.

beside international race like Moto GP. This circuit also doing national and international rac, like Pirelli/ Motul Victorian Road Race Series, Shannons Nationals, Victorian State Circuit Racing Championship, Australian Superbike Championships, Michelin Australian Motorcycle Grandprix, etc.(source). 

Kitty Miller Bay & SS Speke Shipwreck

Another hidden place we've found, we even can't find a best way to get in with the car there. It was Kitty Miller Bay. In this bay, we found the shipwreck named SS (Sailing Ship) Speke. To get into this shipwreck, we have to walked down to the beach from the parking spot, then climb the hill near the beach to the east.
strong wind that going to ruin your perfect
The journey to the shipwreck is a little bit difficult, because the strong wind that trying to throw me away, and the steep cliff, plus the electric fences at the other side. No human made walk path, we have to made it by ourselves, or following the trails.
SS Speke Shipwreck 

But when we arrived at the bay... the sight of the shipwreck is clearly seen. It was not that far from the beach. According to its history, this was the adventuring ships from Peru that want to sailed to Sidney at February 1906. One day the tide brought this ship to Kitty Miller Bay, part of the Bass Strait that really danger for all sails. Almost all the passangers were saved, only one not, it drown together with the saver boat. According to the story, this ship was lost and thought the bush fire near the island was the navigation's light.
the good scenery around the shipwreck

Actually, this place gave really beautiful sight. The shipwreck that decorated with beach stone around and the sea and sky as the background, what's not beautiful from it. All the scared and tired gone.

Because the day was already dark, and need an hour to go back to the city, so we ended our journey at Phillip Island. But I would love to go back at this island and wandering around to the other side of this island.

Have you heard about this island before? And what do you know about this island?
Share your thought and experience in this island at comment.

Happy reading :)

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