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My first Australian Cosmetic: AUSTRALIS COSMETICS

August 24, 2017

Most of us nowadays know some cosmetics brand. Some of us really love to put their make up routine at their social platform, etc. I do love make up, and I loooove lipstick so much. I even collect lots (not that lots lots) lipstick too.
Before I moved to Melbourne, I attended a beauty class by my friend. She is a good MUA and lots of people already acknowledge her beautiful result. She know trying to make her ability bigger at Jakarta & Samarinda. this is her instagram account, if you want to know her result. She actually my childhood friend. But not because she is my childhood friend I came to her class free. And her class also a private class. I payed her for having the class. Hey, as a friend should be support whatever their friends try to achieve.

Since this was a private class, I got a free snack too, and also certificate. Too bad, the certificate can't be used at Melbourne. But, eventually, I am able to do a make up for myself.

So she knew that I am not really good knowing about cosmetics. She really teach me from the beginning. What should apply first before makeup, how to do a blend, etc. At that time I even didn't know what Primer is. She really putting her time to gave me more knowledge about cosmetics.

And it worked. It made me want to have more than I have. Of course I didn't have primer, finish spray, or anything outside powder, lipstick, and eyeliner. Since I had no time before I moved to Melbourne. I though I would buy cosmetics at Melbourne.

When I already at Melbourne, I browsed some website that sells cosmetics here. Too bad, not much Korean cosmetics website at Melbourne. I found one, and they ship directly from Korea. You can see their website HERE.  But since the shipping fee is too much, and I had not enough money left, so I tried to find the australian cosmetic website. Then I found AUSTRALIS COSMETICS. I decided to order from this cosmetics company, beside it is cheaper, it also save.

The Australian cosmetics product is sells in a cheap range. It really fit for us who doesn't have much money for buying American or European cosmetics. Established at 1987, their cosmetics range are huge. Lately they had a cosmetic range that based on Korean cosmetic. Don't be afraid to use their product. Because this is a local Australian product, that is why the price is not that expensive. And also they are animal free and vegan friendly.
Vegan Friendly & 100% Cruelty Free banners at the website
If you really want to know that this product is cruelty free and vegan friendly. The very simple way is come at their website. The cosmetics and product who is cruelty free usually put the bunny logo at their website. In Australia it self, the campaign to stop the cruelty to the animal already there since 2016 by Choose Cruelty Free (CCF). This organisation have a  list  of Australian product that cruelty free. And, then they also had logo to be put at every producers that already at their list.
Cruelty Free Bunny Logos explanation
This Australis cosmetics, not just only sells trough online. They also have some retails partners if you want to buy them offline. The thing that really difficult for me is when I want to buy online, they charged me a shipping fee. If you bought online from  their website, you have to buy minimum AUD70 to get free shipping fee. Or if you want to buy from priceline, free shipping fee start if you buy minimum AUD100.
Sometimes it's better to buy offline. No shipping fee. But the other problem when I decided to buy offline. Some of the retail partner is not retail for cosmetics only, they sells huge range of things. Sometimes the thing that we want at online is not available at offline. Since we didn't know that the priceline pharmacy near our house also sell cosmetics (we thought they just a small priceline that their goods not complete), I decided to bought it online.
Australis Cosmetics Retail Partners
The Australis Cosmetics products are the very trusted cosmetics, and it also complete. You can find the best foundations, contour cream, primer, bronzer, setting spray, lipsticks, etc. Some of their products also the winner of Beauty awards, like their contouring pallet, or their banana powder.
I decided to buy it online, and it came in two days
here are my new cosmetics collections
Here are the products that I bought from Australis Cosmetics. First, I bought The Original Primer. Finally I have primer. LOL. This primer price is AUD14.90. Consist of Vitamin A & C. and it is so soft at your skin. It also make your make up long lasting.
Australis The Original Primer
Next one is the serum primer. When I bought this, this was a new product there. It called Midas Touch. A liquid primer that have a gold sheets inside. It sames like farsali rose gold. This primer consist of honey, to make your face fresh all the time, glow your skin, and also make your skin smooth. It price is AUD 19.95
Australis Midas Touch Serum Primer
Another product that I bought is Match Maker Shade Adjusting Drops. This product helps to leveling your foundation color. There are two shades of this product. Brightening and darkening. It cost only AUD19.95. The best way to use it by blend it with your foundation.
Australis Match Maker Adjusting Foundation (Brightening)
Luckily, when I bought the finishing spritz, the had a promo buy one make up finishing spritz, they give matte make up finishing spritz, free. This spray for finishing your make up routine. Makes your make up last longer and really light.
Australis Make-Up Finishing Spritz & Matte Finishing Spritz
So, these are my first Australian cosmetics. I did using it. And really satisfied buying them. With a huge range of the products, and also the really friendly price. This product really good for my face and my wallet. 

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