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Buying Makeup Product From (Secret Key, Black Out Pore Minimizing) ~Testimonial~ (Eng)

April 02, 2016

Good Day everyone,
and Happy April...
Another month another story...

Today I want to make a review about my favourite online shop:

Halaman Depan
I have been their customer since 2015. This web provide lots of  Korean makeup, from Etude until brands that we only can find at Korea.

Is it original?
From the first time i shopped in this site, i always satisfied because they always provide original product. So you don't have to be worry. all products in this site are original

Does it only sells makeup?
Nope, this website not just only sell Korean original cosmetics. It also sells Korean fashion. Looking for dress or shirt from Korea, you can find here, or maybe Korean accessories? This website also provide it.

How about the price?
For original product, I think the price is normal, sometimes it's quite cheap. So you don't have to be really worried about the price, because the price just have a little different price from Korea. But you have to be put attention at the shipping price. Because this site using double shipping fee, from Korea to Indonesia, and domestic shipping fee (they usually use JNE as shipping company for domestic). Because of this system, if you buy product under Rp50.000 it became expensive because of the double shipping fee, especially if your address is outside Java Island.

And you also have to remember, this product also divide into two different delivery service, normal delivery, which is around 14 working days, and 1 day delivery, which is shipping from Korea to Indonesia only took 1 day, to your home? They use normal delivery schedule.

Does this site only sell Korean famous cosmetics?
Seems all Korean products are sells at this site, and they also provide service for you who want to buy Korean cosmetic which is not at their list, you can check at this link:

Now I show you the result from my last purchase at this website.
My last purchase was from SecretKey brand, called "Black Out Pore Minimizing Pack 100gr".
It said it can tightened your face skin, reduce the pores, and help cleaning the blackhead. Oh, and for you who really having a difficult time cleaning your blackhead, you can try this product.
After more than 2 weeks waiting (including Saturday and Sunday), finally my purchase arrived.

The packaging really neat and stuff
I really like the way they pack their product. Even I just bought one product, but they always give a good attention to the product. Always neat and big, like the pictures that you see, so neat right :)
This is what it's look like when you open the plastic bag
Because they used JNE as the courier, so JNE gave another wrapped. Like you can see from the picture above, it so big and firm. Looks like they wrap in lots of papers.
They wrap it with the plastic bubble so many times

yes... it's right
Apparently, they wrapped my thing with bubble wrap several time before they wrapped it with that purple paper. The bubble wrap it self really thick, so you don't have to worry if the courier throws your order, because it's really save.
This is when I finally opened the bubble wrap. Even I just order one product, but the product safely landed in my hand, no bend at all.
Orange seal show that it 100% Korean Secret Key Product
The instruction also used Korean Language

Original from Korea,
So you don't worry that this product is fake. It is genuine.. :)

P.s. This website give 20% discount for the best review, so after you shopped in this website, make a really good review in their website. Who know you are lucky, and get 20% discount for you to shop again.
I really satisfied because my order arrived safely and no bend. And I don't have to worry for buying the product in this website. This website is really good for you who confused where to find a original Korean cosmetics brands.

Want to know my testimonial about this product?
Please wait for my post about this product :)

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