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Secret key, Black Out Pore Minimizing Pack ~Testimonial~ (Eng)

April 14, 2016

Good day all,

This time I want to make a testimonial. This testimonial is good, especially for you all who have a big pores and of course, big pore means lots of blackhead around...

I bought the product that says can help reduce the size of our pore, and also makes our face skin thigh. I bought it at Just find all the Korean brand product at this site, it provide almost all Korean Brand.

Also read my testimonial about this sites here:  Buying Makeup Product From (Secret Key, Black Out Pore Minimizing) ~Testimonial~ (Ind)

The product is Secret Key brand product. Secret Key is one of lots of  Korean skin care products that combine nature and science. So, most of their products are made from nature, including the one I purchased.
Secret Key Black Out Pore Minimzing pack
Secret Key, Black Out Pore Minimizing functions are:
Cleaning your pore
Tightened your pore
You can use to let your pimple away
Reduce the sebum at your oily fave
It is consist of what?
It consist of black cream, really thick and consist of:
- Black Charcoal 
- Black Sugar
- Black Garlic
- Black Sesame
- Black Bean
- White Clay
- Rice Extract
here is what inside the pack
It is easy to apply.
If you have brush, it's better, if not, you can use your finger to apply onto your face

Before using this mask, it's better if you clean you face first, and use the luke warm water to open your pore, after that, you can use this mask.

My suggestion, apply it thick onto your face, but if you want to apply not to thick, that would be find too.
Apply thick

Leave it for 10-15 minutes, or until you feeling thigh and coll at your face. Make sure the mask already dry, by seeing a crack at it.

If it dry and you can see the crack, you can clean it with warm water. You can use a small towel for cleaning it. 
Let it dry and crack
My way, after cleaning it with warm water, I also used the ice cube after it. It said it fastener the pore to be smaller. At the end apply the toner onto your face.

It's better to use it 2-3 times every week.
I used it for two weeks now, the result is really makes my face skin thigh and even it small, but I can see my pore is smaller. It is took a long time, especially if we have a really big pore.

Go ahead and try... :)

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