Hello Straya: Melbourne, the Busy and Beautiful City Pt.2

July 10, 2016

This is the continued story about my holiday at Melbourne. The last couple days I came back to Melbourne to buy some gift and this time we used public transport.

Albert Park

This time, we tried used trem, our first destination is Albert Park.
Pit Stop Formula One di Albert Park
This Albert Park is the place where Formula One held every year. I came two months after Ryo Haryanto race here. When Formula One is not held here, this park become a public park, like any parks in Melbourne. You can find lots of people relaxing, and enjoying the day in this park. It also provide playgrounds for kids, basketball field, tennis field, swimming bulding, etc.

Lots of people came here for sport and for relaxing. This place so big and really good. 

Free Tram at Melbourne

For tourist that want to try using trem, Melbourne provide free trem line. This is the map of free trem line for you.
Free Tram Zone at Melbourne (thank me latter lol)
It was so cool using trem, especially you don't need to pay for it. If you lucky you can find an almost empty trem, usually it at route near Docklane. If you came at the CBD, you will find lots of people inside the trem. 
Inside the tram, cozy :)
The free trem zone is provided to make the tourist feel easy to reach the place. Because its route is tourist route. Yarra River, Flinder Street, Ettihad Stadium, and Queen Victoria Market. The driver also so informative. They will tell you which station they will stop.

If you want to wonder outside free trem zone, they have a special card that can top up called Myki. This Myki not only able for trem. You can use it for bus, train, and some commuters. Al you going to do just tapped the card at the machine. But before, you have to top up the credit first. 

Scots' Church

My boyfriend said Melbourne was build while trying to keep the old building alive. One of it was Scots' Church. Placed in Collin Street this small church have its own history.

As someone who like to see old building, of course this church have to be visited. Not far from St. Paul Cathedral, but not as big as St. Paul. People inside the church was so friendly, they asked us many questions, but none of it about the faith or religion. They also gave us a booklet to read. It consist of the history of the church and the story behind every pictures and things inside it.

Altar Gereja
According to the brochure, this church is the spiritual building for christian people since 1838. Build with Gothic architecture, which is a normal architecture at that time. And this church is the most beautiful building in Australia.
Yesus di jendela di tengah altar
Each of its 9 windows have its own story. Four evangelists at the eastern wall, and three from the Old Testament Prophets (Mozes, Samuel, And Elijah together with John Baptist at the western wall).
The Rieger Organ
The Rieger Organ, is the name of the big organ at the western side of this church. Places at 1999 by Schwarzach, a Southern Austria Group. It have 4 manual and 68 speaking stops. This organ was dedicated at November 28, 1999 for 125 celebration of Scots' Kirk. At March 2000 this organ introduced around Melbourne for 250 years Johan Sebastian Bach Death Concert.
Scots' Church Logo
The Motto of The Scots' Church is "In God We Trust." We Believe that by faith in God through Jesus Christ, and by trying to live in the way God want us to live, men and women can find strength, purpose and peace.

We hope that you enjoyed your visit to Scots' and that its atmosphere of peace and beauty has enabled you to find rest, refreshment and blessing.

We pray that God will bless you, keep you and guide you all the days of your life.

Don't forget if you visit this church, write your impression about this church.

Kaki Lima Restaurant

And My boyfriend already know that I already miss Indonesian food. After walking around Melbourne, we found some of Indonesian restaurant around. Because my boyfriend want to eat rendang, we try to find Padang Restaurant. We found one called Salero Kito Padang Resto. It placed near Collin Street. Addressed at Tivoli Arcade, 18/235-251 Bourke St, Melbourne. The menu and the seller is 100% Indonesian Restoran Padang.

Too bad, the restaurant not accept card, they just only accepted cash. For some of  Melbornian it is a little annoyed. Because they used to pay with card, and bring not much money at their wallet. So when we found out that no card accept, we decided to find other Indonesian restaurant. 
ps. If you want to eat at Indonesian Restaurant, it's better to bring cash money aroung AUD50 each person. 

Finally we found another Indonesian restaurant near RMIT Uni, called Kakilima Restaurant. Placed at Builing 80 RMIT, Stewart St, Melbourne. The price is really cheap and, of course, they have lots of Indonesian people, especially student.
Ini adalah ayam goreng bumbu rendang (whaat???)

They don't have lots of menu, only 8-9 menus, and the portion also not that much. It is enough for Indonesian tummy. But I think, this restaurant menu is far from the Indonesian authentic food. Feels like they tried to mix fastfood and Indonesian food. But they are so creative. Because they can made unusual Indonesian menu. 

St. Patrick Cathedral

There is another big cathedral in Melbourne, the size is so massive, called St. Pattrick. Placed at 1 Cathedral Pl, East Melbourne. We also can enter this cathedral free. Because we came a little bit too afternoon, this church is almost closed for tourist. So we just a little bit hurry there. With the same Gothic architecture, this cathedral is really worth to visit. 
miniature St. Patrick Cathedral

Asik keknya klo prewed di sini :p
keknya altar itu dibuat dari marmer deh *drooling
Inside, they have more than one praying altar. At the left you can find small chapels. Each of the chapels have its own altar for holy person. 

ini adalah patung dari St. Marry McKillop, Santo dari Australia yang pertama

Fitzroy Garden

Not too far from the cathedral, we also can find a big and beautiful garden called Fitzroy Garden. In this garden we can find a cottage, owned by Captain James Cook. If you want to know who is Captain James Cook, you can check at the Wikipedia.

Cook's Cottage
To get inside the cabin, we should pay, but since it's already 5pm, the cottage is closed.
Fitzroy Garden at dawn in Autumn

In this garden, we can find lots of big trees like at the movie. Some benches to sit, ponds, or just sit at the grass.

Like my post tittle "the busy", Melbourne is indeed a busy city. Melbournian like to walked or using public transport for their everyday life. Traffic jam? Of course they have it. But Melbourne traffic is not like Jakarta traffic. If the vehicle move 5-20 km/hr they already said it a traffic. Parking fee also not really cheap here. You can find parking fee for AUD 3 per hours. Or AUD 9 until 5pm. The cheaper parking fee, the far it from the city central.

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