Hello Straya: Melbourne, the Busy and Beautiful City Pt. 1

June 18, 2016

Good day all,

Like what I promised you, I will write my holiday story when I was at Melbourne.

My boyfriend is actually not stay at the city center, he stay at the suburb called Cranbourne. Even it's suburb, but Cranbourne is not like Indonesian suburb, from the house to shopping center I used car, no matic scooter. But you can walked or riding a bike. But it a little bit too far. And the road is sooo big. This suburb is really modern. Thumbs up lah.

My first impression of Melbourne? Oh my... why this city is so cold. Cold but fresh. Yes, it's auntumn in Melbourne. The first time I'm looking for at Melbourne is coffee. Fresh but cold, I want something warm. So we bought coffee at Maccas (Mc. Donald)

My second day at Melbourne was only for resting. After one day travelling. The third day, I came at my boyfriend's granddaughter, Mia. She's so pretty with those blue eyes and blonde hair. 

The next day, I promised to met with my friend, Shanty. She was a Master degree student at Melbourne Uni. So my boyfriend took me to the city to met her. That morning was rain, so it colder than usual. Met Shanty and lunch at the Flinder street, which is not too far from her apartment. 
note: always, wear your shawl, it for protected your neck from the cold wind.
Jadi, gw janjian ketemu sama Shanty saat makan siang, yaa itung-itung makan siang di kota. Untungnya apartment (ceileh, padahal kamar kos doang sih sebenarnya), Shanty nggak jauh dari pusat turis gitu. Namanya Flinder Street.

You can't park your car anywhere you want at Melbourne. Some parking building provided for park your car. 

St. Paul Cathedral

Entrance of St Paul 
After parked our car, we came into a big cathedral near Flinder Station, called St. Paul Cathedral. This cathedral is open for public, and free. This cathedral for anglican people. Beside the masive building, it placed at the busy street. You can find Flinder Station, Federations Square, Museums. Like any Anglican church, this building have it Gothic architecture. Glass with the painting of Jesus, big piano, etc. So Gothic. 

As a tourist, I can came at this cathedral, the most important thing is keep on silent, and try not to disturb people who have pray inside. But when it came for worship schedule, as a tourist, you can't came in. 

 We also can pray at this cathedral. They provide candle for pray. Like the picture above. That picture is the memory of Pope John Paul II visit to this cathedral. 

Lunch at Swanston Street

From cathedral, we had lunch at Swanston Street. This street is near the cathedral. You can find lots of cafes here. You also can have lunch or just having coffee in this street. You also can find lots of tourist and students here. Looks like this street is the favorite destination for lunch. You can find lots of variants of food here, from westerner until Chinese cuisine. And we came at Asian restaurant for Asian food.

From what I saw, Melbournian doesn't like to stay for a long time for chat at restaurant. While we are at the cafe, we saw lots of people come and go several time. After finished eating, they leave, while we had a good chatted until the owner said the restaurant will closed soon. LOL.

After the long lunch time, we decided to walked around the Yarra River. It's really closed from the Swanson Street. It's right behind the Flinder Station. 

Yarra River

When we walked aroun Yarra River, the rain started came, even it's just a small rain. It makes us really not feel tired and sweat. 

Sidewalk at Yarra River (cowok gw rocker abis, rambut gw kalah panjang)
Good view, nice walking path. Since that time was the first couple week of autumn, not much of the leave turn red or yellow. We crossed the bridge and there is a cafe under the bridge. You can sit, enjoying your coffee and watched a boat across the river.

Ada yg tau nggak ini jembatan namanya apa?
Lots of high building across the river. Apartment, office, etc. Walking in this city is so relaxing and save. This place is so pedestrian friendly. Lots of trees and huge walking path. You can stop at some point where lot's of tourist taking picture with famous Melbourne building and the river as the background.

Lots of cafes around makes you feel not worry to feel thirsty or hungry. And crown casino provide you lots of place to sit and eat. Crown casino is a famous casino in Melbourne. We went to Baci Restaurant and order cappuccino. Good cappuccino, but I don't think about the staff. 
Baci Restaurant near Yarra River

Let's see Melbourne from the sky!!!!

Eureka Skydeck Tower

Tempatnya deket kok sama Sungai Yarra
Eureka Skydeck is place at Southbank. The building is actually apartment building. Seems cool if we can see Melbourne from the highest places at Melbourne. For AUD20 each ticket, they took us to the highest floor here. Don't worry for the student in Melbourne, because they also give a student price for the ticket.
Tiket to the sky.
Melbourne at sunset

Melbourne at night

You can try "The Edge". It looks like a big square glass box, you can come inside it, and it will poping out of the building to give you a better vision of Melbourne. 
"gambar diambil dari google"
Unfortunately, you have to pay to get inside this "the edge", also you can't took your own picture inside this box. 

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

After the skydeck, we came to the Melbourne Star. If you know about London Eye, this also the same thing. The difference is one in London, one in Melbourne. 
Gambar dari:

Melbourne Star places at Waterfront Way, near Ettihad Stadium. 
It need AUD35 to get the ticket. My boyfriend said it's expensive. Even Shanty said the student price still expensive. 

According to the brochure, it only have four observation wheel in the world. You can find it at Melbourne, London, Las Vegas and Hongkong. The cabin at Melbourne Star is soooo big and can fit more than 10 people inside. There is 21 cabins in this Observation Wheel. And overall it fit until 420 people. Took 30 minutes for it to go round, and don't worry, you will not feel anything when it move.

Inside the cabin completed with information. And sometimes it stop and show us what we can see from each direction.
If you get the brochure, it show you a map about the things that we can see inside the Melbourne Star. And also the tourist map around Victoria. be continued.

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