Four Stages Travelling to Melbourne, Let's The Journey Begin

June 03, 2016

Good Day all...

It's been a month that I don't update anything in this blog.
Here I am, with the new story.
This time I will tell you my journey to Melbourne, Australia.


Stage 1 to 2

If you read my post before, you will know that I have plan to go to Melbourne at May. It's fun, because I don't have to work for three weeks, even I just spent 2 weeks at Melbourne. Is it enough? Of course not.

First stage of the journey, what a long route!!!!
Because I don't want to wasted my time and money because I have to stay a day at Bali, so I decided to have one day travelling. My journey started at Kalimantan, it started from a small village that need 1 hour from the capital city of East Kalimantan, Samarinda. I am not came from this village, but I worked as a field worker in oil and gas company. I decided to use company transport to the airport. It save and also free.. LOL

The bad thing was the night before I haven't had my dinner, and I slept at midnight, and I need to woke up at 3am, because the transport went at 5am. You know, with the sleepy face and empty stomach, I went to the airport in Balikpapan. This 5 hours journey was a nightmare because I had intoxicated!!! Something rare for me actually. Luckily at that time the car only have two passengers who had an afternoon flights, so we are not really in rushed.

This intoxicated feeling was happened when we arrived at Samarinda. My stomach started feeling funny. I tried to hold it. Even the journey always being the worst. Up and down, lots of bents, it really tortured me...

At the end, JACKPOT...
made me soooo weak. After the jackpot, my body really weak, so all i did was sleep for the entire of journey. Actually my planned  was not having lots of sleep to make me sleep well when i fly to Melbourne. It took 5 hours flight to Melbourne.

Stage 2 to 3

When we arrived at the airport, the other passenger and me apparently not really updated. When the driver asked us where he want us to put down, which is usually it's at the middle of the boarding building (FYI the airport is huge). So we want him to put us at the middle. Which is apparently the gate for our flight is at the other end, and it is far. Luckily I just brought one luggage.

Bandara Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman a.k.a Sepinggan di Balikpapan
Balikpapan flight is never have direct flight to Melbourne, so my choice is Bali or Jakarta, then Melbourne, and I choose Bali. I used citilink airplane to Bali, while the other passenger used Garuda Indonesia. Since both of the planes is owned by one company, it's not hard for us to find our gate together.

Balikpapan - Surabaya
After check in etc, finally we entered the waiting room. Anyway, maybe because that day was a public holiday, and long weekend, so my flight is not direct flight to Bali, I have to transit at Surabaya first. And it took me 5 hours waited to fly to Bali from Surabaya.

Arrived at Juanda Airport, Surabaya, the flight attendant usually tell us for the transit passenger have to report to their ground staff. So my plan was report and looking for lunch. But when I arrived at the arrival terminal, I can't find any of the ground staff to be report. Even I saw a board saying "BALI THIS WAY" at gate 9. But when I arrived at gate 9, it was not my flight. So I tried to find out where I have to wait or report.
No one can explain!!!!!!!!!!

domestic terminal at Juanda Airport
After walked around the airport, in and out the terminal, I finally came to the check in desk. At the end, they told me I don't have to report it, all i gotta do is wait at the gate. Oh my... I never knew it, because I never been in this airport before. All of the journey made me so hungry, so I decided to had lunch. My menu that time was RIB SOUP... LOL...

It was still 12 pm, and my flight to Bali is 6pm. I was already tired and need a rest. So I went out from terminal and try to find AIRPORT HOTEL. So i found this IBIS BUDGET HOTEL, and I opened room there. I thought 4 hours rests would be alright before started to flew again. In this hotel, for short stay, up to 6 hours, you just only payed Rp350.000.

Stage 3 to 4,

Surabaya - Bali
My flight from Surabaya to Denpasar only took 45 minutes, what a waste of time. It already 8pm when I arrived at Denpasar, and my another flight was at 11.30pm. The rules says that you have to be at the check in two hours before the flight. I can understand, I have to pass the immigration, etc. At the end, from domestic terminal to international terminal I had to run a bit, and took me 15 minutes to arrived at international terminal.
Ngurah Rai Internasional Departure
Lining up at the scanner machine was a nightmare. Especially if they just only activated two of them. It became more horrible when I saw two Indonesian passengers try to cut the line. That was a bad habit, and why they're not ashamed of it. This is international flight, everybody tried hard to show the best representation from their country, while this two stupid Indonesia just tried to made a bad image of Indonesia. I don't care how rich they are, but their attitude was so poor.

Drama about scanner machine has been passed, and checked in at Garuda Indonesia counter. Yes I used this airlines to Melbourne, it's cheaper and direct. I asked about how much the passengers for that flight. He said it's not much, so it would be good, I can sleep peacefully at my flight.

After check in, and immigration passed, walked trough duty free zone is a tortured. It's like heaven for them who love shopping. And I'm hungry again, so I have late dinner at the restaurant, and just realize that I will have dinner too at flight. Oh well, maybe it because I love eat.

Mu flight was at gate 2, and everywhere you go, there is always a staff that ready to checked your belonging. The most important is, you can't have a liquid more than 150ml in your hand carry bag.

Finally my 23.30pm flight is off, and i sat alone. Finally I can sleep, at least that was i hoped for. Thunderstorm and turbulence almost all the time.

Stage 4,

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport
HELLOOOO STRAYAAAA!!!!! Finally arrived at Melbourne, Australia. All the things in here so informative. Before landed the plane also played the informative video about Melbourne, how and where to go.

My conditions? Soooo tired and sleepy. After I arrived at Melbourne, one day full I used for sleep only.

You don't have anyone to pick you up? Don't worry, Tullamarine Airport provide sky bus that ready to take you to the CBD.

I will tell you the places that I have been in Victoria.

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