Nggak Jadi Beli Laptop T_T (Cancel Buying a Laptop)

June 07, 2016

Good Day all,

I just want to write a rant now.

Because I am a field worker at oil and gas company, which is so far from the city, so all i need is buy by online. One day, after a long time my laptop broken, and impossible to fix, I decided to bought a laptop. So I looked for a small screen laptop. Small? It is because I am not too tall, and small is feel compact for me.

After looking, thinking, and consulted, I decided to buy a laptop in one online shop, plus external hardisk, and 32gb memory card for my phone.

Order, done. Name and address, done.

Pay.. I input my card number and....

My card is expired!!

That's weird, I have one expired card, but why I didn't receive a new card yet. Because my other card, the new card was arrived a month before its expiring time.

When I called the service center, it said they just made it, and don't know when it finished. And afer it's finish, I have to wait maximum 11 working days for the shipping...

That's sucks...

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