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Cleaning Make Up Brushes

January 14, 2018

One day lots of pimple appear at my face, really small, red, an lots. In the matter of fact, it wasn't there for a long time. Once I had allergic with one of the moisturizer that I bought a couple weeks ago, and caused my face had a small, really small pimple, but not red. So I stopped using that moisturizer and avoid using makeup for a moment. After a couple day all those tiny pimple gone, suddenly my face had the big and red ones, and it's also appear alot around my cheek and chin.

Of course I am confuse, especially it happened after a couple days I detox my face. Apparently the cause of it was my make up brushes. Why? Since I move to Australia, I am indeed always using more heavy make up. And that caused my makeup brush heavy. I was so shocked, because it didn't mean I didn't wash my makeup brushes, but I did that once every month. Apparently, because I often use my makeup brushes, cleaning it once every month is not a good schedule.

What Makes Our Makeup Brushes Dirty?

By too often using our makeup brushes, the more the cosmetics particles stayed at our brushes. These particles can cause lots of things. Beside makes our makeup not flawless, it also make the brush look really dirty, and also stiff when we swipe it.

Beside the cosmetics particles, the natural oil at our face also one of the factor. Because the oil at our face indirectly also stayed at our brushes when we swipe our brushes.

Also, keep the brushes at the open air makes it dirt too. Because the dust particles at the air can stay also at our brushes. The longer we let it the more the dirt at our brushes. Plus we always use it all day.

What Happen When Our Cosmetics Brushes Dirty?

If our cosmetics brushes are dirty, of course our face will have lots of pimple. And, the cosmetics particles that stay in our brushes, could also been swipe again to our face. So the cosmetics will not be perfect in our face. It makes our makeup not flawless.
Cosmetic Brushes
Source: Kyle Cosmetics Website

Beside the un-prefect makeup result, the dirty brushes also makes our skin aging faster. Because the dirty particles in it, can caused our face get the free radical attack, and also can break the collagen and skin elasticity.

Plus, can caused our pore blocked. So, beside makes our pore bigger, also can caused pimple and blackhead. 

How I Wash My Cosmetics Brushes

Instant Brush Cleancer
Source: Thin Lizzy Cosmetics Website

Nowadays, there are lots of things to help you wash your cosmetics brush. Beside the shampoo just for your brush, there is also a machine to clean it. All we going to do just put the brush at the stick and let the machine do the rest. 

My method is simple. I used a baby soap only. You can use either liquid or bar. Beside it is way more cheaper, baby soap have a soft formula, and smell. Baby soap also can minimize the allergies because all the ingredients inside the baby soap really different.

Source: Soakology Website
All you going to do just makes your brushes wet. Then if you use the bar soap, just put the wet brush on to the soap, and clean it by make a circle movement until the foam appear. Usually, the first foam will have colour like the colour of the cosmetics from the brushes we used. Do this step two until three times until all the foam have a clear colour.

When you use the liquid soap, the method is more less the same. Instead putting the brush to the soap, you can pour the liquid soap onto the brush, and start do the circle movement.

I used two different method to dry my brushes. First, is by hanging my brushes upside down. The brush face the floor. It will makes all the water will go down directly to the floor instead to the stick.

The second one, by putting your brushes to the towel and pat it gentle. Beside with the towel, you can also use the paper towel. Then use the towel/ paper towel as the base, then put it at the dry place and not immediately touch the sunlight, in order to make your brush not stiff.
Biasanya sehari langsung kering sih. Setelah kering, baru bisa dipakai lagi deh. Pastinya aman dan nggak bikin was-was karena kuasnya kotor.

When is The Right Time to Wash The Brushes?

I think, the more we used our brushes, the more time we need to clean our brushes. For example, if we use it everyday, it means all the dirt and particles will be faster stacked at our brushes, so once every week to clean your brushes could be the good idea.

My suggestion is, if you able you could have two same brushes for same use. So if you clean one brush, you still have another one for the same use. If you don't have it, it also okay. I also don't have two. But if you want to wear a cosmetics, don't ever use the wet brush for apply your makeup. Because it will make the result very bad, and makes your brushes easily get dirty too. 

Here you go, my tips for cleaning the makeup brushes. I think, beside it is easy, it is also cheap. LOL. You can use the saving money for buy another makeup.

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