Make Your Own Version Ramen

January 02, 2018

One day I was bored ate Indomie Goreng and my boyfriend didn't really like Indomie Ramen. He thought the Indomie ramen taste not really kicking in. Well, he just tried Indomie ramen with chicken broth and chicken curry flavours. Because of that we never had Indomie ramen at our home. Usually for ramen we bought Korean ramen noodle. No, not that samyang, because we couldn't find any in Aussie.

Since we haven't any ramen at our home, so I tried to make my own ramen with the ingredients we have. Before, I browsed the real ramen recipes, especially for the soup. After read some recipes, I then prepared all the ingredients that needed for making ramen soup.

Soup Ingredients

For ramen soup, I mix 1/2 tea spoon of minced garlic, ginger powder, sesame oil, salt, pepper, vinegar and paprika powder, and I also added a block of chicken stock. 

All of those ingredients mix and stir at the boiling water. If you want to be spicy you can add chili powder or crushed chili at the soup mixture.How much the chili is depend on your flavor.

After all the ingredients mixed at the boiling water, simmer it for 5 minutes, while I prepared the ramen.

Ramen Noodle

Actually, the Japanese have their own ramen noodle. But since I didn't prepare any noodle at home, so another alternative is pasta noodle. Since we just only had fettuccine, so I used that. Not just only fettuccine, you can use any kind of pasta noodle. Like cooking the normal pasta, I boiled the fettuccine first for 3-5 minutes.

Since this is my own ramen soup version, so it's all up to me what kind of noodle I would to use. And same with you, you can use any kind of noodle you can have at your home. And how much the noodle to be prepare is depend on your flavor too.


And the last one, topping. Once again all the toppings are depend on your favorite one. But for me, boiled egg is a must at ramen. In my own version, beside the boiled egg, I also add mushroom, sausage, and mini spring roll. My suggestion, if you want to add meat but don't know how to, you could buy a frozen meat like nugget, or flavoured chicken, or mini things, like mini dimsum, mini spring roll, etc.

Once the noodle and the topping ready, then prepare all of that inside the ramen bowl. After put the noodle and all the topping, then you pour the ramen soup that still simmering. Spread the spring onion and serve while it hot.

Since this was my first time, I couldn't believe that the taste is so great, plus the soup really taste great, and have a chicken taste. Even tough this is far from the authentic ramen noodle, but as an alternative ramen noodle I could say it is not failed. Yumm.

Did you have made your own version ramen noodle?
Share it to me too, please... :)

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