Anime Review: Blend S

December 31, 2017

As a 90ish Indonesian kids, I grew up surrounded by Japanese Cartoon, like Doraemon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Samurai X, Sailor Moon, LOL... Since we are grow up, some of us started to leave those cartoon world slowly, starting when we think we are adult enough to fall in love, and starting a family. Some of us maybe enough having a nostalgic feeling when we are accompany our children watching Doraemon at Sunday (Is it still at Sunday?)

I really love watching this Japanese cartoon or anime. Childish? No, I mean I like to watch it, and yes I also collecting some of the memorabilia, and also anime is not only for children. So if you say someone childish by their hobby watching anime, it is not exactly right.

My boyfriend's daughter for example. She really love Sailor Moon, and have a cupboard full only for her Sailor Moon collections. She is in her 20 by the way. But since I am not into one anime only, so I am not really have something like her. Since Indonesian television suddenly cut the Inuyasha series and Rurouni Kenshin series is over, I didn't put any attention to lots of new anime. Sometimes I watched Detective Conan, but it is hard to follow it, since it still on going and Indonesian television not giving more time for it (sometimes it appear just like that, and suddenly just vanished), and at that time it was hard to find internet connections for streaming. And I gave up to collected the manga.

Talking about manga, I once had Card Captor Sakura and Death Note mangas. But since some people borrow it and don't want to return it (I write this with a hurt in my chest), I am really afraid to collect another manga.

Stuck at Death Note, and the story behind the manga, makes me hard to watch anime, until I install an anime streaming applications at my laptop. I installed three different streaming applications, LOL. From here I started again watched animes. Starting from old to new, from serial until the movies.

Talking about this hobby, my boyfriend really doesn't matter at all, LOL. He is not a huge anime fans, but he doesn't matter watching anime. He once watched Inuyasha, and Death Note, some Studio Ghibli's anime too, like Spirited Away, Cat Returns, and My Neighbor Totoro.

He still on going watching Death Note, in some point he can really full attention to watch it, in another point he can fall asleep. LOL.

One night, when I browsed a new anime, I found this Anime called Blend S. Tried to watched it, apparently I like this anime. So, I want to review this on going anime now. 

Same like any other major anime, Blend S once started as manga. Blend S manga is created by Muyiki Nakayamai. Published by Manga Time Kirara Carat at 2013.

The story is about the interaction between people who worked at Stile Cafe. What makes these characters unique, is each of the waiters at this cafe have to act with the certain character when they are working, which the characters sometimes different from they real life characters. Like sadistic, tsundere, young sister, old sister, and idol.

This anime main character is a high school girl named Maika Sakuranomiya. Maika's real character actually bubbly, cute and sincere. Sincere because she grew in traditional Japanese family. Beside, she have an eye that make everybody things she have sadistic character. Because of her eyes, Maika accepted work as a part timer at Stile cafe. Lucky Dino, the cafe owner saw her and offer her the job, to be a sadistic character waiter.

Another waiter that has been worked at Stile Cafe before Maika is Kaho Hinata. Her character at the cafe is tsundere, tsundere is the character that made Kaho have to act cold to the customer. In fact, Kaho is a bubbly person and love to play online game. Kaho is like Maika, she is a high school student that work part time at Stile Cafe.

Another senior waiter at Stile is Mafuyu Hoshikawa. Mafuyu had a small body, while in fact she is a college student. At Stile Cafe, Mafuyu character is young sister. So she had to be cheerful all the time and also spoiled like a little kid. But Mafuyu real character is cold and really like action figure too.

Not long after Maika accepted working at this cafe, they accepted another waiter named Miu Amano. At the cafe her character is the opposite of Mafuyu's character, her character is big sister. She act as someone that give a full attention the the customer. In real life, Miu is the leader of the famous manga writer group "Hanazono Folder." Hanazono Folder is the independent writer group that make adult manga. Of course the funny stories appear because of this and Maika. Beside, Miu also have to find inspiration for her next manga. And she decided Maika and Dino become her inspiration for her new manga.

Hideri Kanzaki is the newest person in this group (appear at episode 9). The character at the cafe is idol. So it his job to give an idol character, more less like Mafuyu, that always bubbly and always smile, but Hideri more to the famous act character. Yes, it is "HIM" because Hideri is 16 years old farmer's son. Even he had long hair and look so cute.
At the kitchen, they have chef named Koyo Akizuki. Don't ask, even he doesn't have a certain character at the cafe, but he also as same as crazy as the other characters. Akizuki is a yuri genre anime's fan. Yuri genre is an anime who have love story between girls. Since he is an adult manga lover, he is also Miu's fan.

The other chef and the owner of Stile Cafe named Dino. He is an Italian and love Japanese culture. He also love Maika so much. In one episode, he told all his staff (except Maika) that he likes Maika so much. He also a big anime and figurines fans. Of course this anime stories are around Dino's effort to tell Maika that he likes her.

When I made this post, Blend S only have 10 episode and still on going. The genre actually more into comedy that refers to Japanese everyday story. For a light anime fans, Blend S is perfect for you. The stories never been so difficult (if you compare it with death note), and not always about love. Since this is on going anime, I should wait for a week for their new episode.

Oh, this anime is NOT FOR CHILD, because they give 13+ for the rating. The reason is simple, because sometimes they put a "dirty" joke inside the story. Plus, they have Miu, the adult manga writer's character. So, please DO NOT bring your little siblings or your kids when you watch this anime. Even the animations are so funny and cute, but it's a NO for me if you want to bring your little kids or siblings.

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  1. Wooow. Anyway, thank you for the sharing. I am from 90s too. Hehe. Same with you, I like conan too, but i can't folllow the series. So I gave up. LOL. And from your story, I think Blind S is a good anime. Nice recommencation. :)

    1. Hello :)
      I recommend this anime for those who really like light anime series. Simple and funny. But still, don't bring your kids or nephew if they are still below 13yo when you watch it ;)


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