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Where to Buy Cosmetic at Australia

December 21, 2017

Hallo all,
This time I want to share some places that I used to come to buy my cosmetics. Actually I could shop online too while I am here. But since I stays at suburb, which is so close to go everywhere I go, so I spent more time to shop offline than online. Especially buying cosmetics. I think shop offline is cheaper than online, and it also fast.

So, these are some places that I used to shop for my cosmetics around my suburb. And also these stores also have lots of branches everywhere around Australia.

Priceline Pharmacy

Priceline Pharmacy is the first store. Beside a pharmacist, this place also become one of the store for Australian woman to buy cosmetics. Their range of cosmetics are complete. From American cosmetics until Aussie's cosmetics. You can find nearly everything in here.

You can find brand like  MaybellineRimmel LondonBourjoisReal TechniquesRevlonNYXL'orealEcotoolsOlayVaselineNivea, etc here.

Perfume fans? It is so easy to find your favorite perfume in this place. You can find perfume from  Britney SpearBeyonceMariah CareyKatty Perry, etc. Or perfume from Calvin KleinJuicy CotourGiorgio ArmaniVera WangPrada, etc here.

This place give you complete product for your body needs, start from face, skin, hair, woman, man, kids, until diet supplements, or household.

This place also have promotions almost every time. Their discount range from 20% until 70%, depend on the season. Especially mother's day and Christmas, this store give you fine discount.

Also, they have catalogue that help you know what promotions they have at some times. They also always sends catalogs too. Almost every weeks I can find their catalogue at the mail box.

Priceline Pharmacy also gave you a chance to be their member, or they called it Sister Club. When you are their member, you could have more discount, and also special price for member who have birthday. We also can get free consultation for our skin problem. The only thing is keep collecting the points. The more point you get, the more benefits you get.

Priceline Pharmacy also have their own website if you want to buy their product online, or just for sightseeing at your computer. They give you free shipping if you buy online minimal AU $100. Go check their facebook and instagram account too. They always have fun posts.

Chemist Warehouse

Then we have Chemist Warehouse. I always watched their commercial at the television, because they are the most industrious chemist at the television. Until I know their jingle "our house, in the middle of the... Chemist Warehouse." LOL.

Like Priceline Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse also provide us lots of kinds of cosmetics range. Not just cosmetics, they also have products like drugs, vitamins, etc. They also guarantee that their products are the cheapest in Australia. Even their cosmetics range is not as much as Priceline Pharmacy, but you can find more perfume brands here.

They also had offline and online catalogue. But their offline catalogue is seldom sent every week.

You can't have a special member price at Chemist Warehouse since they tell us that they have the cheapest price in Australia.


Who don't know this infamous cosmetic store?! If you looking for high end cosmetics, this is the right store. Says Fenty Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit, Clinique, Farsali, Huda Beauty, The Balm, etc etc.

In Australia, they just onlu have 10 stores, at New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. For Victoria, they have two stores in Melbourne Central and Chadstone Shopping Center.

Are you a student??? They can give you student discount. You could get 10% discount each products we buy at Sephora website.

Sephora also have Afterpay program. This program makes you able to pay by  installment.  So you could buy your favorite cosmetics and pay it every month and it's interest free. This program only able at online store.


Myer is a department store for mud-up customer, and this department store is the biggest retail at Aussie. They already had more than 67 branches around Aussie. We could also choose cosmetics range in a store which have their center at Bourke Street mall, Melbourne.

You could find brand like Benefit, Bobby Brown, Burberry, Innoxa, MAC, Dior, and there is also TonyMoly here.

Myer One is the name of Myer membership. Beside the card, you could also get lots of benefits from points you get.

They also have 3 Hours Click and Collect. Means we can buy online and after that take our shopping things at the closest Myer store. So we don't have to think about the shipping fee.

They also have Afterpay program. So it is easy to buy at this place.

Target Australia

Shopping retail with the most branches in Aussie, Target Australia which was Lindsay, become the store for the Aussie's mid customers. Anyway, Target Australia is have no connection at all with Target America. Beside clothing, and also household and electronic, you could find cosmetics too here.

You could find drugstore cosmetics like L'oreal, Lip Smacker, Nivea, NYX, Revlon, Rimmel London, TheBalm, etc. Also some Australian cosmetics like Chi Chi and Nude by Nature.

Target Australia also have lots of program like flybuys. Flybuys is a program for all the customer in all retails that have collaboration with this program. Target Australia is one of them. All you going to do is just have lots of points which can exchange with lots of different choices of prices.

They also have Shipster from Australian Post. Which if you buy online more than AU $25 and the shipping fee is less than AU $20, you will get free shipping fee, as long as we stay around Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sidney metros.

Like Sephora and Myer, Target Australia also have Aferpay program for they online shop.


Cheap and lots of discounts retail shop? K-Mart is the place. Same like Target Australia which focus on the mid low customers. I swear their products are really cheap. and it also in good quality.

For cosmetics, you could find lots drugstore cosmetics like BYS, B-Me, Rimmel London, OXX, Fifth Avenue, PawPaw, SinfulColors, garnier, Nivea, Maybelline, and Revlon. Some said OXX and Fifth Avenue are their own brand cosmetics.

K-mart also the retail that love to send us catalogue. But they don't have any programs for their customer. But I can understand is, since their price is already cheap.


BigW is a retail that also can be seen at television. It also one of the alternative if you looking for cheap and good things. Like K-mart, they also provide cheap and good quality products too.

For cosmetics, you could find slightly more that at K-Mart. You could find Maybelline, Rimmel London, Max Factor, Lip Smacker, PawPaw, Ecotools, Covergirls, etc etc.They also like to send us a catalogue too. Lots of discount and they also have Afterpay program.

Woolworths & Coles

These are two places which I always come every week. Since these are the nearest places around the house.

For cosmetics, even they doesn't have a complete products like Priceline Pharmacy and Chemist Warehouse, and kind of cosmetics like at Myer or Sephora, but they sells cosmetics which have the same price like Kmart and BigW. If I don't want to shop a little bit too far, and have to buy one or two cosmetics, these places are the place.

You could find Maybelline, Rimmel London, Nude by nature, Ecotools, Nude by Nature, Australis, etc etc. The bigger the place the more brand you can find.

These are places where I use to buy my  cosmetics at Australia. Actually it's all depend on what we are doing and the amount of money we have. If I have lots of time, lots of money, I could go to Myers, or Sephora. But if I have to buy lots of cosmetics in no time, I could go to Priceline Pharmacy or Chemist Warehouse.

But if I need to buy something else and also cosmetics, and I don't have much money, I could go to Bigw or Kmart. Or, I just need one or two cosmetics, and afraid I will ended up buying the entire store, Woolworth and Coles become the answer.

It is so easy to buy cosmetics at Australia. Beside, all the cosmetics also genuine, so I don't have to worry buying a Chinese or Singaporean imitation cosmetics.

If you want to buy Asian cosmetics at Australia, it will be so difficult. The only place at Victoria is the Asian drugstore at the Melbourne Metro. The place is so small, and they doesn't have lots of brands and kind of cosmetics too.

Or you could buy online. But most of Australian Asian Cosmetic Online Shop is not much, and they also not having a lots of range of makeup, you will ended up looking an online shop outside Australia. If like that you will pay the shipping fee that sometimes is more expensive than the products you order. Not to mention you have to wait longer than usual. If you lucky enough it will arrive after two weeks, or if you patient enough, some of them arrive after a month. If you want them to arrive faster, you have to pay more for shipping fee.

At the end, it's all depend on how much money we have, and how long our patient could stand... :)

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