Hello Straya: Relay For Life, Cranbourne Narren 2017

December 24, 2017

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maybe you know, maybe you don't that my boyfriend have a daughter. His daughter have lots of activities, one of her activities is she is the Relay for Life member. Relay for life is annual event that held by Cancer Council all around the world. Starter at 1985 in America, some of the doctor want to raise awareness about cancer.

First Event 

In Australia, Relay for Life started at 1999, and donate around $75,000 for Cancer Council. Since then, every year in all Australian states, they held this event. All the fund that has been donated will be used for Cancer Council, a non profit organization for cancer, to do experiment and also learning about cancer early detection, how to reduce the risk get cancer, and also support and handling for cancer patients.

Who Can Participate

Not only the crew family can join this event. They who have concern about cancer are welcome to this event. It could be those who become the cancer survivor, they who lost their beloved because of cancer, or they who care and concern about this cancer disease. What kind of cancer? Any. From breast cancer until skin cancer. All of them. Talking about skin cancer, don't you know two from three Australian detected have a skin cancer?

There is no age restriction, my boyfriend's grandson, who is only five months has did his first relay in this year relay. The senior citizen who still have passion and want to support also able to join this event.

Of course my boyfriend's daughter also invited the entire of her family to joint this event. This event is simple, all you going to do just walk around the marathon area. Started from 4pm and ended at 12pm the next day. They also have entertainment, from the crew and also from the people who joint the event. All they did just brought a tent that fit all the family members who follow the event, and also supply for one day. Because you will be at this place for one day full.

Beside my boyfriend and I, my boyfriend's ex-wife's family also take a part of this event. They already became the member  of this event every year. Not just like my boyfriend and i who just came at almost midnight and have three laps walking, his ex-wife family already there since it started.

What Else You Can Find in This Event

You could find lots of snack booths here, and also you can find the arts or anything that the member of this event sells. At the edge of the marathon track, you can find lots of tents circle around, and found some booth that they made for selling their things. Some games also can be find in this event. So it's not just only walking, the crew and also the member it self prepared them self for lots of game to kill their boredom. Beside, they also have live music, and also price for them who have the most walk that day.
They also have a good photo booth spot. For someone who like to take a picture, this place is gem LOL.

Because we came almost midnight, some people already warm themselves inside their tent. Some still walked around. Some also trying to still awake by having chat too. Or making a fun game for them selves. And also enjoying the live music that ended up at 11pm.
You could spot some banners at the other edge of the track. All the banners are stated with all the words with awareness and prevention about cancer. You will get educated too in this event.

How to Join

To join this event, all you going to do just register at their website. After you enter the website, you can choose to joint as a member of the event or member of the view, then tell them you shirt size, and how much you want to donate, minimum only $25. When you finish, just pay the donation and confirm, then you can join the event at the place where you registered.

Not Only at Australia

Global Relay For Life Logo

This event is held everywhere around the world. The global relay for life have been held by 29 nations, such as Belgium, Jamaica, UK, South Africa, Ireland, Denmark, India, Turkey, Singapore, Philipine, and of course America.
Relay For Life Australia Logo

All the states at Australia become the member of this event. Starting from the Northern Territory until Victoria. All you going to do just come into their website, then choose which state you in, and choose the Relay schedule that fit for you and your place. The schedule for one year already stated at their website.

It already 26 places around Victoria being scheduled for 2018 event. Cranbourne Narre itself have their schedule at November, and it always around November. So sometimes you still can feel the cold, or half cold, or sometimes it's warm, because it already end of the spring and enter summer.

Too bad, from 29 nations, my country, Indonesia is not one of them.

For me, this is my second time came to this event. First time was my last day at Australia, because I will return to Indonesia the next day. It was last year. Event I still not participated for a full time, but from what I found, I can see lots of people care and trying to raise the awareness about cancer. Them who care about healthiness, them who survive the cancer, them who lost their beloved and want to give their support to another, all of them are strong people who care to each other.

Do you think my country, Indonesia have a chance to do this global movement too? Knowing Singapore and Philippines are also part of this movement.

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