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My MakeUp Things Finally Arrived (Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream + Testimonial & Maybelline Coloring Box Matte About It)

October 12, 2016

Good day all...

Review time, this time I will make review from two different product.
I was ordered Wardah Lipcream before, but since I ordered wrong color, so I ordered another three. Since I ordered to my own friend, I have to wait for it for a week.

Finally, This lip cream was arrived, and I ordered three different nude colors. See you latter (no.3); Berry Pretty (No.10); and Oh So Nude (No.11). Why? just like any other, I also get curious with this product, because it said this is the Indonesian best product for matte lipstick. Nowadays, matte lipstick is booming in Indonesia. So, I think I have to try them.
My Complete Wardah Order

Actually, I had try a brand called Purbasari. But, apparently Purbasari is not really fit me. I tried my friend's once. My friend said she likes it, but not me. Because I am not a lip stick fans, because I still have difficulty to put it in my lips in one try. And, this purbasari need a strong but soft touch to put it at your lip. And I always ended up with broke it.
I'm Using Wardah No.3 (See You Latte)

Because Wardah is a lip cream, I have no difficulty to put it at my lip. Its creamy texture is so light and not too creamy. Even it's matte, but I have to wait a couple seconds to make it matte. And the result not feels sticky at your lip. Too bad it's leaving stain, so I have to keep retouch it.

I have a friend that not really fit with this lip cream. It cause clot at her lip. My suggestion is if you have a dry lip, better put lip balm first then lipstick.
Kuas Wardah Lip Cream yang Nggak Begitu Flexible Mengikuti Contour Bibir

My less favorite from this lip cream is its brush, for me it's too long and not flexible. I have a little difficulty when I tried to put it into my lip.

Recently, this lip cream have more colors. Like my order, the three of them are nude colors, but different nudes. This lip cream can be the alternative lip cream matte if you doesn't have enough money to buy NYX or Kyle lip kit. It price really chip, aroung Rp40.000 until 65.000, depend on where the area you stay.

The next three days, I also received a make up box that I ordered. This is Maybelline Coloring Box Matte About It, natural grey. Inside this box you can get Hyper Matte eyeliner, Maybelline White Super Fresh Liquid Powder, two pieces Color Sensation Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colors, and Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Sharper. I bought this box for only RP248.500 at, and I got free shipping. 
Order From

If we buy these product one by one, it would be so expensive. One Eye Liner Hyper Matte cost us Rp89.000. Each lipstick cost Rp69.000 and the liquid powder cost us Rp64.900. So buying this box already make us save some money.
Maybelline Color Sensation Vivid Matte Liquid Color two pieces (NRD & WIN)

This Maybelline Color Sensation Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color is the product that used Gigi Hadid at its model. This is one of Maybelline lip cream that give you matte result. This matte lip cream will give you smooth sensation, with soft, even and no crack result.
White Super Fresh Liquid Fondation (N3.Natural)

This White super Fresh Liquid Foundation gave you 4in1 benefits inside. Beside for founcation, this also can be used as a powder, long lasting and can absord oil at your face, makes you fresh all day. Consist of UV protection SPF 50/PA ++ it will protect you from the sun.
Maybelline Fashion Brwo Duo & Eyeliner Hypermatte
This Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Sharper is all in one brow product. The pencil really soft and easier to apply, and also waterproof, it stand until 12 hours.

This hypermatte eyeliner also resulting matte result. Waterproof, smugeproof, and heatproof.
Maybelline Coloring Box Matte About It

This Maybelline Coloring Box Matte About It is a cool box consist of lots of amazing Maybelline matte products. It also save your money. Anyway, I also get this bonus. Maybe this is a pencil color box, or maybe colored eye liner?? LOL
Is it eye liner???

Or pencil color?????

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