Culinary Vacation : Bakso Bakwan Bintang Malang di Samarinda yang Endes ( A Super Delicious Bakwan Bintang Malang Meatball at Samarinda)

September 30, 2016

Good Day all,

This time I want to tell you about my favorite meatball restaurant since I was a kid until now. I was born and grow up at Samarinda, East Kalimantan. Yes, I am a Kalimantan girl with Javanese blood who love to eat and traveling. So this restaurant was there since I was a kid. And when I was a kid I really like to eat here, every time I have this, I always had two portions.

What makes this meatball so delicious? This restaurant that placed near the Segiri traditional Market, Dr. Soetomo street, Samarinda, serve you lots of varians of meatballs. In one bowl you can get smooth meatball, fiber meatball, tofu meatball, wet siomay, fried siomay, and also fried meatball. Even there are lots of variants in one bowl, but all have it taste.

Like any other "bakso Malang", they provide a small plate for you to pour the tomato sauce, sambal, and also sweet soy sauce. So you have choice, eather pour the sambal, sauce and soy sauce at bowl, or at the small plate. The sensation is the same. Super delicious.
A bowl of Bakwan Bintang Meatball portion ;9
You can have iced tea or hot tea, iced or hot orange juice, or bottled tea. Nowadays, they not just only have this meatball, they also add a new menu like chicken noodle (mie ayam) and duck rica rica (rica rica bebek).

If you come to Samarinda, you can come into this restaurant. It only cost you Rp20.000 - Rp25.000 per portion. They also have branch, at the Air Putih area.

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