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Make Over With Riska MUA

September 27, 2016

Good Day all,

Now I want to tell you my experience getting make over by my friend that work as a Make Up Artist.

After so many time making a promises and schedules, last week my high school friend and me finally meet our Make Up Artist (MUA) friend. Since she's so busy, several time we made promise to meet and several time she decline it. Even thought we agree to meet last Saturday, unfortunately she have to go at 4pm, because she had another job.

My one hour journey to Samarinda will not waster, so after I arrived at Samarinda, and meet my high school friend, we have our lunch first, then went to our MUA friend.

Her name is Riska, and when we arrived at her home it's already 1pm. So, we just started. First my high school friend, Cicie. Riska really listen to us, and she really follow what we really want. Cicie want her to put smokey eyes make up to her, and I want a Korean Ullzang make up.

Riska have very complete tools, and she also able to recognize our skin color and which product that fit to our skin color. She is so loud, patient, and also friendly. You can ask so many question about makeup to her too. What we should wear, what not.

The result is so soft. She really trying hard to follow what we want. Even thought the result still far from Korean Ullzang makeup, but it fit perfectly to me. 
this is Hyuna

This is my result

Riska MUA is recomended for you who stay at Samarinda. Really light result and long lasting. 

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