Introduce Indonesia With My Australian Family and Learning Strayan

September 17, 2016

Good day all,

When i was at Melbourne, my boyfriend introduce me to lots of his family, and also the Australian way of life. But they also asked me about Indonesia of course. Having myself at the new family circle for the first time

At baby Mia's birthday, my boyfriend's ex mother in law suddenly came to me and asked me to join her group. And the questions started. Oh yes, they knew I am an Indonesian, and where I stay in Indonesia. I'm guessing my boyfriend tells them all. They asked me about my journey,a nd I've told them about my 24 hours journey. and I said,"... and I have 5 hours transit in Surabaya for my next flight to Bali." I saw them confused. "Where is Surabaya? Do you know it?" Said one of them. "Oh I don't know it either." And ended up I have to explain about Indonesia to them.
"Oh, I see, Indonesia have lots of islands then? And Surabaya in Java Island."
"Isn't it Jakarta in Java Island?"
"Does Bali and Balikpapan at the same island?"
"So Balikpapan, Surabaya, and Bali are in the different islands."

Even I tried my best explained to them about Indonesia, I think it is too short to explain all. At the end, I just let them wandering about Indonesia.

Some people also asked a ridiculous questions. Just like my boyfriend's son's ex girlfriend:
" Is there any big road like this in Indonesia?"
She asked this question when we are at the highway, which is one big road with more than 4 cars in one side.
And my answer was "There is, but just in some cities in Indonesia, not all. But most of the cities have the road that big enough for two cars each side."
This pretty girl is not finished there, then she asked another question, which I think it's so ridiculous.
Is there any maccas in Indonesia like in here?"
LOL, I mean... Why would you think there will be no Mc. Donald (Maccas) in Indonesia? Indonesia really into American life, so it's no surprise we have lots of American fast food restaurant around.

Beside saying Maccas instead Mc. Donalds, they also have their own language for Burger King. In Australia, you will never find Burger King here, instead of Burger King, you will fing Hungry Jack. Same logo, same color, different name.

We all know Australian saying "G'day mate". Beside that, they also have their own calling name for other Caucasians, like POMS for British, Yank for American, and other. My favorite is woop woop, which means they going somewhere far, even them self can't explain the place. And don't be wrong when Australian says "thong" it doesn't mean some kind of bikini, but it is their words of American flip flop.
The example of Australian Slang

A must try food? Why don't you try pie. Same shape like fruit pie that we know, but it's smaller, and it consist of meat. You choose the meat, chicke, beef, or pork. 
Australian Chicken Pie

You also have to try vegemite. Even its origin is come from England, but nowadays vegemite is Australian national food. If you try it the first time best not try it in a huge amount, because it's bitter and strong flavour.
Vegemite Jam

Bundaberg is Australian ginger beer with no alcohol at all. You should try this. 
Ginger Beer

My favorite ice cream... GOLDEN GAYTIME! It looks like magnum, but not full of chocolate. This vanilla icecream wrapped with cocholate and nuts, really soft when you bite it. You can have it anytime.
My Favorite Ice Cream, Golden Gaytime, by Streets

Kangaroo and Wallaby is two different animals. Even physically they look a like, but Wallaby is smaller than kangaroo. Kangaroo bigger and consist with muscle and muscle. Don't ever get close with wild kangaroo, they are wild (LOL).

In Melbourne there is four season, like any other Countries at Europe. Just, their four seasons is different. We can't find snow at Christmas Eve, because Melbourne just have their summer at November. 
Christmas at Straya

I really amazed with Australian way of life. No car parked in every corner of the street, how they called it traffic jam, how they supermarket work, about the playground, picnic place, the cleanest, how I really enjoy walking at the city.

Maybe some of you asking how you drive in Australia? For Indonesia, it's not different, their driving at the left.

bonus, this is (un)official Australia Anthem for you... I really like this song... LOL

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