Hello Straya: Great Travelling to the Edge of the Land Down Under... Great Ocean Road

September 02, 2016

Good day all,

It's been a while since the last time I wrote about my holiday. I still have some stories to share with. This time I want to share my experience to the edge of this land down under. Yes, We went to Great Ocean Road. Great Ocean Road is the super long road at the edge of Victoria, Australia. Stretched 243 kilometers, Great Ocean Road is a memorial place for all the Australian army at World War I.

The Great Ocean Road, Road Map
Started from Tourquay, Victoria, we began our journey. Woke up early in the morning, fighting with the cold autumn weather. It was a good journey, feels like we went to the farm. Good weather, because we can see the sun at that time.

Our first plan was having a camp there. So we brought a thick blanket and also food. We just bought sandwich actually, simple. But, since my boyfriend tent is missing, we finally decline the camp plan.

Breakfast at Angelsea

After passed Torquay, our journey served with a beautiful scenery of the sea, blue and fresh. We stop at the small town called Angelsea, near the ocean. Our first hope is Maccas, but since we can't find any, so we just went to the bakery there for having breakfast and coffee.
Not really friendly crow
Same like all the bakery shops around Australia, the bakery sells lots of kind of breads, and also coffee. I have my chicken sandwich and cappuccino. We enjoyed our breakie at the park near the shop. Together with the sun shine and some of the sparrow birds.

Angelsea is really small and clean town. So after we eat, we can't leave our trash at the bench, we have to throw it at the bin.

Split Point Lighthouse

After finishedthebreakfast, we started our journey at Great Ocean Road. SinceI really wnat to go to lighthouse, we stopped at Split Point Light House. 
Split Point Lighthouse Discovery Trait

The journey to this light house was a lottle bit tricky, you have to be entirely believe the sign. Because we was not believe the sign that said "way to the lighthouse is at other way" even that way we saw is the closest. At the end, the sign was right.
The lighthouse

At the other way, we found the road is big enough for two cars. But we can't take our car near the lighthouse, we have to park the car at the parking lot that provided there. To get to the lighthouse we have to walk. For the entire way we can find houses near it,also cafe that provide warm drink.
Small Café at Split Point

Split point places at Aireys Inlet, a small town at the Great Ocean Road. This lighthouse nowadays used as a mobile phone's provider's tower. We actually able to get inside the lighthouse, but we have to follow the schedule that they put there. Overall, I love this light house.

Don't be surprise if you find one or two Asian tourist that not following the rules. Like when we were at this lighthouse, all of us know that we are not allowed to bring the car near the lighthouse,but these Asian tourist couple parked they car right near the lighthouse, which the parking lot is available only for the disability people. 
The View

Forget about the stupid Asian tourist. This lighthouse is worth to visit.If you want to know more about this lighthouse, you can also see their WEBSITE .

The Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch

There is an arch to tell us that the journey to the Great Ocean Road started from this point.In this place we will also meet lots of tourist. Asian? Of course, they came with buses. Two buses took tourist from China, the other bus from India (I think). Makes us really hard to find a parking space.
Memorial Arch

Beside the arch, we also can find the monument. This monument is the memory for all the Australian army that died in this place at world war I.
The statue

According to the story, this arch is the third arch that rebuild. a few years ago, they have black friday, which almost all the forest at Victoria was burned,including the forest near this arch, and burned down the arch too, so they rebuild the arch again.

Erskine Waterfall

Another stop was Erskin Waterfall, not too far fromthe arch. Placed at Lorne town, this place is a little bit far from the town central. To get to the waterfall, we have to park our car at and then walked to the gate. From the gate,we walked down faaar away. When we arrived there, they gave us the beauty scenery of Erskin Fall.
The Erskine Waterfall
In this place,we can stand at the rock in the middle of the river. We just have to be careful. You also can find lots of sign around here to keep us save. 
The Step
To came back to the top is super duper tiring. Because we get down faaar away, so need lots of power to return to the gate.

Appolo Bay

Before we arrived at Appolo Bay, we stoped at one of many beaches there. Stopped, stretching, and enjoying the scenery. 
Can you tell me what's the name of this beach?
Appolo Bay is the town where you can find a monument which is  this town is the starting point if you want to have walk around Great Ocean Road. This town is the biggest town around, and you can take a rest,and having lunch here. 
Begin your walk at Apollo Bay
We bought a map at tourist information office. Trough this map we would understand which places we will visit. Oh, you can also buy souvenirs or have brochures here. 
MAP and Brochure for us

Since the beginning of our journey, we passed lots of towns and all of the towns have very good and nice parks, and all placed near the ocean. I really enjoy stopped and feel the fresh air here. Free wifi is provided at Appolo Bay, all you going to do just put your postal code,and you get free wifi for 30minutes.

Gibson Steps, Twelve Apostle, and Loch Ard Gorge

The main attractions of this journey... stacks of giant rock at the edge of Australia. First stop was Gibson Steps. It placed near the beach. To get to the beach, we have to use the stair down to the beach. This stair only enough for one person only, so please don't stop if it not too necessary.
Step to Gibston Beach

The Gibson Steps
When we arrived at the beach, suddenly the wind blew so strong, makes me scared. Because it made the waves getting bigger. So we decided to return upstair before we getting closer to the rocks.

Next one is the Twelve Apostle. This one is the most popular destination around. It have big parking space. We also can rented a chopper to enjoy the scenery from above. 
The Twelve Apostle

Why it named Twelve Appostle, while the rock formations not until 12? My boyfriend said it was twelve before, but it crushed by sea and wind bit by bit, so it left us some of it.

My favourite place is Loch Ard Gorge. Why? This place is looks like the scene from Pirates of the Carribean movie. They also have a hidden beach between two huge rocks, and also an outdoor stalagmite near.
Loch Ard Gorge

Once again, because the weather not too friendly, I was afraid to reach near the beach. Even in this place the wave was not too big, but still. Plus, suddenly the rain falls down, so we have to go back to our car.

At the end, because we can see a big store to buy a tent, we dismissed our plan to having a night at Great Ocean Road. So we returned to Cranbourne at the same day. Arrived at Cranbourne almost midnight and hungry, so we bought Kebab on our way home. A huuuuge lamb kebab for dinner closed our journey today.

I would love to return at Great Ocean Road once again. There are still lots of places I want to visit. More waterfalls, more rock formations, more fun.

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