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Me Now Kiss Proof Matte Lipstick ~Review~

September 01, 2016

Good day all...

Today I will reviewed a matte lipsticks that become trend in Indonesia. Me Now, Kiss Proof Matte Lipstick. This lipstick is so cheap and claimed as the longest lipstick at your lip and doesn't leave stain everywhere, at spoon, cup, hand, or your boyfriend's lip.

After thinking which I should buy, between Kiss Proof, Wardah, Maybelline, Revlon, or Kailijumei, finally I bought this Kiss Proof first, while I order Kailijumei and Wardah also. Like usual, I bought it online. Beside it's complete, I also not need to go to the nearest city around. Even it have a shipping fee, but still it is cheaper than I have to buy at the nearest city. This time, I bought at

Tooks me a week waiting for this product, until finally it arrive.

My Kiss Proof Lipstick

This lipstick is not a liptint, or liquid lipstick, it shape like a pencil, but really soft and fragile. Becareful when you apply it, if you push it a little too hard, it will broke, and I already broke my lipstick number 6.
This is how the lipstick shape, like pencil

The result?
Creamy texture, even it's not as creamy as liquid matte, and of course it is immediately stick at your lip. Need some stroke to make the color came. They said it will leave no stain everywhere, it is true. This lipstick really is not leaving any stain everywhere. So it is a little bit difficult for cleaning this lipstick.
Good lipstick
The clay and creamy texture of this lipstick make this lipstick so light, no matter how thick you put it in.

This lipstick only leave the stain only after you have an oily food. because of oil that leave at your lips, makes this lipstick able to leave a stain everywhere. So all you going to do is retouch it again, or maybe not eating an oily food.
This is the result in my lip
Worth it?
Yes, from this cheap lipstick, you can have a good result.

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