Hello Straya: Lunar Drive In, Watching Movie Inside the Car

September 14, 2016

Good day all,

One of my favorite dating time is a movie night. My boyfriend is a huge movie freak, especially movie about racing. He also fans of Bruce Lee, while I like Jacky Chan. LOL. He had lots of movies at his hard drive. I was a picky watcher, even I have no exact genre for favorite movie, I am not a huge fans of popular movies, and neither did he.

So the second time I came to Melbourne, he took me for movie night. If we talking about movie time, almost everyday we have it. Actually, he promised me to take me to the drive in at my last visit, and I can imagine how awesome it will. Beside, I still can't find this kind of cinema in Indonesia.

At that time Civil War movie just came out, even though I really want to watch Alice Trough The Looking Glass, but it still not came to Aussie yet. So I agreed we watched Civil War. 
Lunar Drive In Theater Logo

The car cinema called Lunar DriveIn Theater. This is the modern space of Indonesian old cinema. Why? Because it is outdoor like Indonesian old cinema, but I don't have to worry about the rain, because we inside the car, while in Indonesian old cinema, you just watch a big screen at the field, without a car.

Basically, this cinema is like the other cinema. We also have to buy ticket. So when we entered the gate, there is some staff that ready to welcomed and asked us what movie we will watched that night., and how many people inside the car. After we mentioned the movie, they gave us a ticket, that consist of which theater and also the radio frequency to turn on when the movie on. They have a special price for kids, or if you watched in this place in group. 
These are the tickets, and you can see which theater your movie is and the radio frequency
This Lunar DriveIn place in Dandenong, 115 Sth Gippsland Highway, Dandenong to be exact. This cinema only open at night. Just like another cinema, they have their board at the front gate to tell you which movies will be played tonight. Or, because it at highway, and a little difficult to see the board, you can jump into their website .
Lunar Drive In Theater at Google Map

This cinema always play a brand new movie. So I can always have reason to come into this place again and again.

This cinema also equips with cafe and toilet. Just like any cinemas out there. If you want to go to toilet or cafe, just leave the car at the theater, and walk. It's not too far, and it placed in the middle of the theaters.

They sells lots of yummy food at their cafe. glazier doughnut with berry jam, hot dog, chip, delicious. They even sells dimsim. lots of drink choices, coffee or soft drink. And of course they also have popcorn in any sizes.
Lunar Cafe
Like I already wrote above, to listen to the sound, we have to turn the radio to the frequency that they tell us trough the ticket. So, even it was rain outside, we still can hear the sound of the movie clearly.
Woo Hoo Civil War!!
This was my superb experience watching a movie. And I would love to come back again and again and again into this place. Why would you try watch movie like this too?

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