Chaos at Vet; Mumun's Trauma Experience

September 07, 2016

Good day all,

I've put a story about our plan to bring Mumun to Australia. Mumun is my lovely cat. She just a domestic cat that I found near the rubbish bin when she's not more than 3 months old. So after a year she's with me, she finally have some appointment to receive some vaccinations at vet.
Mumun and her un-friendly face

This time is her third visit, and the most important want, a rabies vaccine. Since we running out of time, I have to be hurry. I want Mumun arrived at Australia before me. Because I don't have anyone in Indonesia to trust to keep Mumun, if I left her.

After last week she had her second vaccinations, and suddenly it full of drama. She suddenly really angry, and took three person to hold her. I really don't know what is going on. I thought it is because the vet is different, even the owner is the same, and also the vet is smell of other cat smell. She's really not friendly cat for another cat. She also not really comfortable with female, because it is easier for her to getting close with my brother and the male doctor, than to female one.

Before we went to the vet, she escaped from home. Apparently she escaped to the iron wire at the back of my house. I searched for her the entire morning. I was afraid she injured and dirty, because it was rain at the night before. And Mumun is forbid to have a bath a week before and after the vaccine. Luckily when I found her, she's not that dirty. 
I found her still clean after she's runaway outside home

I decided to bring her to the first vet. Because I thought while waiting for the doctor I can make Mumun a bit enjoy and familiar with the vet staff.
At the vet, and at the beginning she's so sulky

From the time we waited, there was also three different cats having its vaccinations too. Mumun really didn't like other cat, so she really uncomfortable. When the doctors came, the female doctor recognize her, and placed a nickname for her,"the naughty girl". Because the last time she with her, Mumun almost bite and scratched her.

So,the disaster began...

Suddenly Mumun really angry, she hissed here and there, putting out her claw, and ready to bite and scratch everyone that came near her. Even myself is didn't succeed calm her down. Mumun her self already at the corner, with her hissed and claw ready to ripped everything.Until at the end, somebody put the blanket over her, and we all used a thick gloves for safety. I was so sad and scared for her.

Need an hour to ended up all the chaos. After tied up and her eyes was covered, the male doctor put the injection at her. Finally.

The only thing that scared me was when the female doctor told me that Mumun can have a heart attack because of it. She said, Mumun is not just tantrum,but she also can get traumatize,because the first and second injection before. 
even though she already have rabisin vaccination, she still have a long way to go

It makes me sad to hear it. Because our journey is still long. I planned to put the microchip after this, but knowing her like that it really confused me and keep me really sad. Doctor said maybe she need some medicine to keep her calm. But still, I worried about everything.

I hope she will be stronger to face all of the things we will have...

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