Indonesian Recipe : Ayam Betutu (Balinese Steamed Chicken)

October 08, 2018

This is one of the popular dish in Bali. And since I couldn't go to Bali again, like usual, I made it by my self. Complete with the sambal matah and the fried peanut.

And surprisingly my partner is liking the sambal matah and the fried peanut. LOL. Maybe he getting bored with the tomato sambal that I always made. 

I made the recipe into two different ways. You can see that there will be a ground spices. And this ground spices are most likely the things that I used, instead the real one. 

I mean, that's the only things that I have in my pantry, and since we are still on budget, buying bottled or ground spices is way much more cheaper, because I can use it more than if I bought the real one. But if I could, I would to buy the real spice. 

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The real recipe is using a whole or half whole chicken, but since in our home is just my partner and I, so I just using a chicken drumstick for two of us. I think you could use any part of the chicken, and of course the whole chicken, if you want. Just remember to coat the inside of the chicken too, after you remove all the things inside the chicken. 

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