Indonesian Recipe : Chicken Skewers from Madura Island, Indonesia

November 19, 2018

The most thing that I really miss from Indonesia is the street culinary. Just like this Sate madura.

I remember when I was a kid, and the world problem is only the school homeworks, this culinary is one of my family favorite.

Back in that day, started from afternoon, around 3pm, there will be lots of street food vendors around our home. From them who just opened their food vendor at the front of our housing complex, or mobile.

From bakso, until mie goreng, and of course Sate Madura. They guaranteed you will never be hungry forever.

The bakso mobile vendors will be around 3 pm, then the mie goreng mobile vendor will be around 7-9pm, and 10pm until midnight, was the sate Madura vendor.

The unique of this Sate Madura mobile vendor was the name at its carts. Same name, but with the different number. Mum said it owned by only one person, but he had lots of carts. Talking about small food business, and recruited lots of people.

Since I missed this street food, I decided to make one (of course). Simple ingredients, and easy to make. 

Tips: If you already put the peanut sauce to the chicken skewers, put the leftover sauce at the stove again, and keep it warm with a small fire. And when your chicken is ready to serve, pour it while it still warm.


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