We Came to Indonesian Events at Melbourne

November 02, 2018

I admitted, that I am not one of the Indonesian community member in Melbourne, and before this year, I never came to Indonesian events at all. Just because I simply don't know about it.

So, after I joined one of the Indonesian community in Melbourne at Facebook, I saw there are some events will be held around October this year.

It was a great idea to attended the events. Especially October is the spring month. Sunlight and a little warm too. So I asked my boyfriend weather we could or couldn't go to the events. And he agreed to came to all the three events I showed him.


Spring in Melbourne means lots of festivals going on. Not only from Indonesian communities, but also from any communities that you could find in Melbourne.

But since we are not living close enough with city centre, so my boyfriend just want to attended Indonesian events only. Perhaps latter when I already have my own job and car I could go to any events I like by myself.

So what Indonesian Events I went to?

Indonesia Family Festival

Our first festival was at Laverton, which it's at the western part of Melbourne. While we are at the south east. So it took more less 1 hour good drive to Laverton. Not to mention the traffic.

Since it was our first Indonesian festival, we were so excited. Because of the excitement, we made a mistake.

The festival was being advertised since August, even the event itself held at the beginning of October. And all I did was put it at my google calendar, and hoped a day before the event they will remind me. 

So at the first Saturday in September, we were really in the up and down mood. Between eager to go and feeling lazy. Especially at that time my boyfriend's car was broken and not fix yet. We borrowed his brother's car. Which the car couldn't go over 80 km/ hours. While we have to pass the freeway and highway which minimum around 100 km/ hours. 

Since the event was at Saturday, I had to wait for my boyfriend finished his work. He still worked at Saturday, until now. I don't mind anyway. It's a good money.

After returned from work, he wasn't immediately prepared himself. For him, preparing for going outside means, another shower, and he is just looks like me. Busy with what clothes to wear. And grooming of course. Minimum around 30 minutes if he want to push.

That Saturday, took us around an hour to decided to go. Not to mention preparing our self. it's around 2 or 3 pm we finally went to the event. I actually loosing my mood that time. Since we are so late, even thought the event finished around 8 pm, but we went at 3 pm.

With the car that couldn't go more than 100 km/ hours, traffic at the city, and in hurry, I really feel that would be unpleasant journey. Especially if you have boyfriend like my boyfriend. He is not really relax person when it comes to driving. 

He hate traffic, he hate someone go slower than the maximum speed, he hate a car that suddenly cut his way, he hate anything in his way to make the car go smooth. He also hate if he don't know the place, and google map (or me) not pointing the right direction. 

When those all happened, he will swearing, like a lot. 

And yeah, I already imagine it, a car that not really meet his expectation, a peak hour at the city, don't know the place. I slowly loose my mood. 

I mean, who like sitting beside someone that always swearing with anger? I think, nobody likes it. 

Short story, we were stuck at the city traffic, we were getting a little bit lost, the car were unable go 100 km/ hour. If my boyfriend tried to go 100 km/ hour, it shook, a lot, like turbulence. We were tormented by those conditions. And finally arrived at the place, the community hub in Laverton.


We found no sign of event there. Quite, like nothing happened.

Since my boyfriend were really tired of driving, he went out of the car, and smoked. While looking for any sign of event.

And me, I tried to go to my google calendar, tried to found out why they not reminded my the day before. 


Apparently, we were at the wrong date. We were a month faster than the exact date. 

Yes, the event should be at NOVEMBER, but we already there at OCTOBER.

With him so tired of driving, I tried to tell him that we were at the wrong month. Luckily he wasn't angry. He just laugh, and we went back to home. Well, we stopped at some nearest beaches, for entertained our self. 

Fast forward to the real date of the event. And luckily my boyfriend car was fixed, and also not much traffic too at the city. Everything was went alright. Not like the last time, which we arrived at 5 pm, in the real event, we arrived around 4 pm. We had 4 hours to enjoy the event.
Indonesian food stall
The event was packed. Of course lots of Indonesian there, some mix couples also can be seen. In the ground they provided some food and crafts stalls. Most of the stalls was the Indonesian traditional or popular foods and craft in Indonesia. 

And they have a traditional games too. If you look at their schedule for outdoor games (for family) they have really interesting traditional games, like running with the sack (balap karung), eating crackers (makan kerupuk), etc. Too bad we are a little bit late, so we couldn't watch those games.
traditional dance
Inside the hub, they also provided some indoor activities, for kids mostly. But they also have some performances. When we arrived, we had chance to watch a puppet show (by an Australian), two traditional dances, and also a poet. And we've been informed, that one of the dance group were came from directly form Indonesia. 

Back at the outdoor. Beside enjoying the food with the people around (which we couldn't find anyone who want to talk with us), we also been entertained with live music. The live music is really nice. 
photo booth is a must
They also provided a photo booth, for us me who really like to take a picture.  Yeah, take a chance girl! 

Tips: Bring your own photographer. 

Overall, this event is really good. Beside no one want to talk with us, I don't know why, all the activities there were awesome. If only they have some people who presented a guess with something, or willing to talked with someone like us.

I mean, we are not following any Indonesian community, and totally stranger, but willing to know. But, yeah... Oh well...

Indonesian Batik Day

This event was the event for celebrating Batik as one of Indonesian heritage. Held at Indonesian Consulate General, the second Saturday in October.

We planned to go to this event too. Unlike the last one, we were in the right schedule.

Since it was for celebrated Batik, I found no difficulty for it. I had lots of batik clothes in my closet.

And, it was at Saturday (again), so I had to wait until my boyfriend finished his work (again). Almost same like the last one, I found that I lost my mood at that day. Plus even my boyfriend came home a little bit faster, we had to deal with his daughter that decided to stayed at our house, and his wife that came to took some of their son's belonging.

A bit busy, but we managed to go at 2 pm. In hurry again, because this event started at 10 am and finished at 4 pm. So we didn't have much time.
National Batik Day Sign at Indonesian Consulate

Luckily, it just took 45 minutes to the Indonesian Consulate General. And didn't face an unnecessary's traffic.

Since this was our first time to Indonesian Consulate General, we didn't know that to get inside, we had to go to the back of the building.

And when we arrived, we were super late. Because all the performances already  finished, only entertainment from the band. Of course like any Indonesian event, there always a time for a guess to sing. 
food and batik stalls
Since it was an event for Batik, I was hopping that I could find any kind of batik showed in this event. So I could tell my boyfriend what and why we are really proud of this art. And also could show him the meaning behind it all.

But, I couldn't found any of it or stall, around. Mostly just food stalls and of course there was a batik stall, but to sell it.

Perhaps Consulate member really busy to planned and gather informations about it. Oh well.

Because we were late, so not much things we saw. What can we do, I just hopped that one day we could go to this event earlier.
entertainment at the event

Indonesian Food & Trade Festival

The third event was the food and trade festival. I was hoped that we could try lots of Indonesian traditional food in this event. Beside enjoying the entertainment of course.

This is the only festival that made us had to pay around $3 each. So of course we would hope it would be great.

Yeah nah..

Food stall, probably is the most important thing in every events we've been. But, same like any other stall, we couldn't get it for free, we had to pay them. Mostly want cash.

We didn't eat any food because I made Indonesian food every week. So we skip that. So we just tried to enjoyed the entertainments. Luckily, we able to saw three or four performances that day.


The event started at 11 am and ended at 5 pm, and we arrived at 4 pm. And lucky we could saw some performances. Really.

So far, I could says I like going into those events. Especially for the first time. But I felt that I missed lots of things (beside no one trying to talk with us). Probably because I have to wait my boyfriend to come home, and then takes time to prepared.

Perhaps next year we could be arrive earlier. 

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