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Do Your Own Waxing With Nair Mini Wax Strip Sensitive -Promotion-

April 29, 2018

Hi, a couple days ago I (finally) did my first waxing, (yeaaahhh). For me, doing waxing is something new in my life. Back then, when i lived at Indonesia, I never able to have time for waxing. I grew up at 90ish, which mean doing beauty routine is not as easy as now. I did spa several times, but since it's not my thing, I didn't make it as my routine.

I also went to beauty salon several times, just for cutting my hair, or re-shape it. Back then, beauty salon is very expensive thing to do beauty routine. Coloring your nail at the beauty salon was only the very rich person privilege. 

Lucky for us that living in the world now. Because almost every beauty routine is as easy as doing it self at home. Like waxing. 

Before, you have to go to beauty salon, and pay lots of money for just get rid some hair at your armpit. But nowadays it as simple as going to the supermarket, and bought one of the waxing product, and do it at home.

I never did it before, since waxing wasn't my thing. Especially at the last company where I worked before moved to Melbourne. Because it was oil and gas field, and no use and time to taking care of your self there, LOL.

But when I am at Melbourne, everything is different. Most women that I know are really care about their beauty. I even really feel I am so not taking care of my own beauty, when I know my boyfriend's daughter go to nail salon once every two weeks just to fix her nail color. 

When doing weekly shopping at supermarket, I could see lots of products that able to buy for taking care our selves. Including this waxing product. Lots of products you could buy, with lots of brands too. 

Nair Sensitive Mini Wax

Luckily, I have one project about making testimonial about this waxing product. The product is Nair Sensitive Mini Wax Strips. Came from Church & Dwight company, and sells all around Australia. This is one of the home waxing product for you to try.

Since it for sensitive skin, so you the sensitive skin's owner, this product is for you. You could use this product to rid hair at your face, armpit, and bikini area.

It consist of rice bran oil and cherry blossom extract. Beside it really smells good (because of the cherry blossom extract) and it also help our skin less irritate when we use the product.

Inside the Box

Inside the box you could find 20 strips that you could use over and over until the wax already gone. Plus one leaflet that consist of do and don't before, while, and after doing your wax.

And also, you could find post waxing wipe. This wipe will help you clean the residue of wax at your skin. And also making your skin less irritate too.

For a small packaging, this thing is so complete.

How to

For the beginner like me, sometimes you getting confuse what to do. Especially if you think the instruction is not complete enough to make you feel you are ready for doing it. But, worry not. The leaflet really helps you so much. It gave you lots of information about what to do before, during, and after waxing. 

At the front page, you could see the suggestion about how long the hair that you want to wax. And if you are doing it for the first time, it suggest you to try it at less sensitive area. And it also suggest you to wait 24 hours before starting to use it at your main skin.

Some things that you have to remember not do the waxing also mention at this leaflet. Like not doing waxing when bath, or after tanning. Apparently, when you are doing those two things, it makes your skin more sensitive. And also you have to remember not doing waxing at the skin wutg varicose veins, miles, warts, eczema, or damaged skin.

Not for elderly people too, and also people suffering from diabetes or circulatory problems. And do not wax inside the nose, ears, nipples, perianal, vaginal/genital area, or eyelashes.

And at the back, you can see the complete explanation about how to do wax at some places, like bikini line, legs, underarms, upper lip, eyebrows, and side of face.

You also find how to separate the strip, the right direction to put your strip, the right direction to pull it out of your skin, and also some tips that probably good for you. 


Hurt? Of course. But it's not like you've been hit by something. But more like when something pull out from your skin (duh!). But the result... amazing. I have no hair at my armpit. Really clean. 
this is not me, but this how I feel when all those hair gone from my armpit
Since the strip is mini, so I should try four strips for both of my armpits. It also helped too, because you could use one strip over and over until no more wax there.

After it, you could clean it with post waxing tape. Clean and clear.

The rest of the strip, store it and keep it away from the heat. Use it when it's time to wax again.

Why only your armpit?
Since it's already Autumn in Melbourne when the strip came, so I think keep the hair at my leg and bikin line will be okay. Because I will not using the bikini for a long time, until summer tho. LOL. So, my armpit will be okay.

How much it cost? In Australia, you could find this Nair Sensitive Mini Wax for only around A$5 at Coles or Woolworth Supermarket.

How much Nair in your place?

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