Recipe: Cheesy Smoked Sausage and Pasta

February 28, 2018

One day, we didn't have anything to cook for dinner. All we have just a package of sausages and pasta. Lucky we have pasta, because we have tuna pasta a couple nights ago. We used to have some things like several meats at our freezer, and also some instant spices at the pantry. Just because I don't want to spend long time at the kitchen for preparing dinner.

But, since we didn't get any of it, we are confused. The night before, we had indomie for our dinner, it couldn't be indomie again. 

Since I'm a little bored with ordinary sausage meal, which it only fried and served with boiled vegetables, so I tried to find a simple recipe that I able to make.

Luckily I like to open pinterest. Sometimes, you get your idea from pinterest, and that is true. I like to open lots of recipes from pinterest, you know, just looking for something new. Several times I tried to make the recipe from it, but none of it 100% succeed.

Until I found this recipe. I made this meal not exactly 100% looks like the original one. I couldn't say my recipe is perfect, but it is delicious. 

Since the recipe took lots and lots of cheese, you could adjust it for your taste. You could add more sugar or just lesser the cheese. Happy trying

Recipe is adapt from: HERE

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