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March 04, 2018


Once in a blue moon, I want to share you my kind of cosmetics I use everyday. Not really huge things that I will show you all, since I am not a MUA but still a beauty junkie, so yeah, here we go.

After move to Australia, I had to change my cosmetics because of course Indonesian cosmetics is not sold here, and Korean cosmetics, oh... I have to find a complete online shops to get it, and it apparently outside Australia.

But, changing cosmetics to Australian cosmetics, or looking it in Australia isn't that hard. Yes, you could find it easily at chemists, or even at the supermarket.


I use this facial wash twice a day, before and after wearing my cosmetics. The scrub beads really soft and it help get rid the dirt inside my pore. It also helped exfoliated my face skin, and makes my face soft.

This product is also oil free and not much bubble in it. So when I use it I can feel your face isn't that dry, and my pore get clean, and can breathe and regenerate. 


Do you know that cucumber is good for you face skin? Beside helping to minimizing the black eye and eye bag, it also helped you to get glowing face and minimizing the size of your pore. Of course it will makes your face look fresh.

After I move here, my skin type suddenly change, from oily to dry. And by the help of the cucumber extract, I could make my face brighter, and helped to get the elasticity of it. Oh, it also helped me when I get a sunburn too.

Because we had cucumber at home almost every time, so I made my own cucumber extract. I just have to blend the cucumber, together with it skin. And I keep it in the bottle and save it at the refrigerator.

I use it before and after using my cosmetics, and sometimes I used it too, especially at no make up day, to make my face refresh.

A couple months after I moved here, the skin at my chin is really dry, until it cracked, and sometimes it hurt. But after I used this cucumber extract, now it not cracked and hurt anymore. I used the cucumber extract, and then with the moisturizer too.


I really hate the reality that my skin change its type, from oily to dry. It makes my skin dull and looks older. Not to mention the crack and hurt.

One of the way to taking care of dry skin is with apply the moisturizer, especially the one with high hydration. I used Redwin Sorbolene Moisturizer. Beside it have lots of moisturizer with high hidration, it also have vitamin E, that helped to make your skin moist and elastic.

Because this product doesn't contain lanolin, perfume and detergent, this product is super natural and helped regenerate the broken skin.

Beside using it as face moisturizer, this product can be use as body lotion and milk cleanser too. All in one and it is okay to use with any kind of skin type.

I use this product as moisturizer before my cosmetics, after using my cucumber extract. just one drop enough for the entire of my face. I used it too for body lotion, because the hydration level of this product is high, better using it after finish shower.

And of course I used it too as milk cleanser. Just using it like the way you use the milk cleanser.


A K-Mart product (supermarket). Even though its cost is so cheap (around AU$3) but the result is great. Especially for me who have a big pore. Even thought the result is not as good as the filter of your camera application at your mobile phone, but it great to make my pore looks smaller.

Because the tube is small, sometimes I forget to use it, sometimes I remember not using it after I applied my foundation. So for my everyday make-up, I sometimes not using it just because I sometimes forget it. But for a full makeup for some events, I always wear it.


This foundation is the perfect one for me. For my everyday makeup, using it in a small amount already cover my skin perfectly. Beside, this foundation is also really light and long lasting. That is why I love to wear it. 

Beside long lasting, this product not leaving a mark everywhere, it stick at your face. And this foundation is not making your makeup look cakey. Even it is not 24 hours, especially when you are applying it in a small amount, and very active and busy woman, this foundation will stick at your face forever.


For someone who have a blur eye brow like me, making an eye brow is a must. especially now days, where people really able to make a sleek and beautiful eye brow. Before I use Etude Drawing Eye Brow, but since the shipping fee is more expensive than the price of it, so I try to find the easy one. So my choice fall to The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit.

My choice of color is brown/black. Just because I have a dark hair. Before when I used to like make my hair lighter, my choice of brow color is also bright. 

This is a good product for making a great line for your eye brow. But I really don't like the applicator. It is too small, so I used another applicator one I bought ages ago from a shop back in Indonesia. That applicator was a eye brow applicator from a cheap Chinese product. 


New product, and cheap. But it isn't make this product's result look cheap. That surprise me. And, it easy to get, well, since it only sells at Woolworth, so it is as easy as a weekly shopping. LOL.

The price is onley AU$5 and the result is really amazing. Nope, it doesn't look cheap and surprisingly it also long lasting.

From it website , it said this product is smudge proof and rich of pigment, that is why this product is long lasting. I already use this product for a week, and I love it.

Oh, and this product also cruelty free. Because it had that cruelty free logo at its packaging. So, it is another choice for me having another cheap and cruelty free cosmetics product.


Last touch before lipstick. Perfect for backing and very light. And since it transparent, I don't have to worry that I choose the wrong colour. It perfect the makeup I wear.

For drugstore powder, this product is great. My mainstay for powder, and of course the result is flawless.


Actually, I still into matte lipsticks. But sometimes using matte lipstick for everyday makeup, and not going anywhere feels too much. Well, there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup even only stay at home, right.

From lots of lipsticks that I have, my choice go to this lipstick, Maybelline Color Sensational number 045, Pink Me Up. The creamy texture and light is so easy to apply. Beside, the pink colour is just right for a simple makeup.

So yeah...
Those are the cosmetics that I use (almost) everyday. Simple and the most important thing is even thought I still wear cosmetics even inside the house, but I also taking care of my face skin too.

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