Have You Prepare These for Your Holiday at Melbourne?

March 18, 2018


Are you planning to go to Melbourne? Well my friend asked me the same question when I always asked them to "go down under." Their question is always "what is in Melbourne?" A lot peeps.

But in this post, I will share you something that you have to do when you visiting this city.

Prepare all the Documents

Before you preparing the instagramable clothes, you should prepare the most important thing, documents.
  • Paspport
prepare your passport, at least 6 months before your expiry date

Of course, because you will go aboard, your passport will be the other ID for you as long as you stay in one country. If you want to visit Australia, you have to have at least passport with 6 months timeline before it expired.
  • Visa
find the exact visa
Don't you wrong to choose your visa. If you just holidaying at Melbourne, choose visitor visa, and don't push yourself to have multiple entry visitor visa in Australia when you are the first timer visitor to Australia.

There are lots of choices nowadays to apply your visa, you could go online. Apparently some countries able to apply online, and my country [Indonesia] only this year [2018] starting able to apply online.

Some who can't apply online, you could apply by yourself trough their official partner for visa in your own country. In Indonesia, they have AVAC for helping you to get Australian Visa.

But if you can't do it alone because you have to be able mobile to give your documents (they are not required the copy documents, must be the real documents), you could ask help from the travel agent.

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  • Scheduling for Lodge Your Visa
For visitor visa Australia, they have ±15 working days to work it. So I suggest you lodge it two months before your departure date. And, since their visa application not required a plane ticket, you could by your plane ticket after your visa is accept.

  • Plane Ticket VV
prepare your ticket and return too. Because you don't want to put yourself in trouble 

If you fly from Indonesia, either from Jakarta or bali, it tooks ±6 hours to Melbourne, so I suggest you to use an airline that makes you comfortable. Doesn't matter with budget airline if you think you are okay with the long flight.

If you choose non budget airline, you will have all the entertainment for free. Like when I used Garuda Indonesia, since the flight to Melbourne always midnight, they gave me free blanket, pillow, socks, eye cover. And have snacks, and midnight drink, and also breakfast. They also have wifi on board too, I just have to pay around AU$20(if I'm not wrong) for their wifi.

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Prepare Everything Based to Melbourne Season

Even though Melbourne have four seasons like most of European and American, but, you have to remember, that their date is different, and winter doesn't mean snow at your porch. Here somethings you have to know in some seasons at Melbourne
  • Summer
You have to be familiar with Australian Summer, like their Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek & Slide things.
  • Slip, on a shirt
  • Slop, on the 30+ sunscreen
  • Slap, on a hat
  • Seek, shade or shelter
  • Slide, on some glasses used to block out sun. 
Why they have those? Because these are apparently a campaign from SunSmart Australia to prevent skin cancer. Why? Since Australia and New Zealand have the highest ratio of skin cancer in the world, How come?

Of course because the lighter skin you have, the easier you get the skin cancer. Because white skin means you have less melanin than the darker skin one. This melanin is the body shield to protect you from the UV.

And also, Australia is located near the ozone hole, so the amount of UV ray they accept is higher than any other countries.

If you plans to having holiday around December to February, you have to be aware about this campaign, because those months is the summer time in Australia (sometimes until March).

Beach is a right place in Summer, thin clothes is a yes for me

thongs is Aussie's word for flipflop

wear a sneaker for your journey around the city

planning for outback, wear a proper shoes and also socks

sunny, is Australian word for sunglass

moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize your skin

hat is also a fashion statement here

Always put your sunblock every time you going out in summer
Start to collect your sweater that fit the autumn color :p

As long as you have coat, it save in autumn

My fashion savior when I found no coat or jacket for my style is SHAWL

Autumn is the season where your fashion statement change very dramatic, from super summer tan to buckled up

Stocking is my favorite fashion statement at autumn

this batik dress could be a beautiful outer too, and I love it

Thick jacket is a must for winter

Snow at the peak of the mountain, yes, we have snow too

Boots, sweater, and skirt at spring, why not

Jeans and boots also can be a great spring fashion choice

one day you will find it is okay to wear thin clothes, mini skirt at spring

and one day you will find it is not too cold for mini skirt but cold enough to wear coat

Always Pay Attention to Their Seasonal Illness

Dry, dry, dry... for some who came from the place like Indonesia, this could be a trouble , especially for your skin. Because the humidity in Melbourne is not much, your skin will get dry.

  • vaseline petroleum jelly
Try to have this, if you think the Melbourne air make your skin dry. Just put it every night and morning before your makeup routine.
  • Drink lots of water
Water, mineral water, tap water, not beer, or coffee, or any alcoholic drinks, LOL.
  • Medicine
It is a good thing if you want to bring your own medicine to Melbourne, but I suggest you bring the medicine with the doctor prescriptions. Just to be save. But, if you don't want, there will be lots of chemist around to sell non prescriptions medicine.

Renting a Car

Are you come from English speaking and writing countries? In Victoria, you could use your own licence to drive a car. But please find the rules about it in other states, could be different. 

And if you came from the non English speaking and writing country, maybe you have to use your international licence then. 

Driving in Australia, means you drive at the left side, and the stirring wheel at the right. Please do remember it. 

There some tips from me if you want to starting a holiday at Melbourne. Do you think I forget some tips too? If you do, please put it at the comment section.

I'll See you at Melbourne :)

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