Recipe: Walnut Coffee Biscuit

March 08, 2018

Since moving to Australia, and still not allowed to work, I wasted my time at the kitchen, This time, I also waste it at kitchen making something delicious and light.

I actually didn't think this biscuit will be that delicious (according to me). especially, when I tried it one by one the bikkie, the filling, and the icing. The taste wasn't that great.

Oh right, I get this recipe from the biscuit recipe book in my boyfriend's cupboard. He have lots of books, and recipe books, this book is one of them.

And my boyfriend is someone that not protest if I want to make something for eat. So, when I want to make something, we just go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients.

I used to make snacks in the afternoon, so when he coming back from his work, the snack already finish. Since he didn't eat anything beside lunch, and dinner time usually around 7 or 8pm, so I usually provide him a cuppa and snacks.

I made this biscuit because it has coffee as the ingredients. So I think this time I want to make something extraordinary, especially with the walnut in it, makes this bikkie taste so crunchy. 

Even though the result is not 100% look alike at the picture, but I think it taste great. Especially I did it for the first time. Here I share the recipe too, I hope you try to make it and will have a better result than me :)

Serve it with hot coffee or tea...
Happy trying :)

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