Recipe : Tongseng Ayam (Stir Fry Chicken Curry)

August 06, 2018

Back when I still worked at my last company in Indonesia, I love to had lunch with one of the secretary at the other department. One of our favorite restaurant was the one that sells us this stir fry curry. 

But instead of chicken, they use goat, which is common in Indonesia. But sometimes this restaurant is not always had this menu. Since it is difficult to have goat every day. Even though we didn't get the stir fry curry, but the grilled chicken at that place is as delicious as the stir fry curry one. 

So now, in Melbourne, I try to made this stir fry curry. Instead of having goat for the meat (because I couldn't find one) or having lamb (because it's expensive) I use chicken. And the ingredients is not as difficult as it seen.

Don't you know that this Indonesian culinary actually adapted from the goat curry from middle east? It began when the middle east seller came to Indonesia and introduce their curry. Since then, Indonesian try to adapt it with its own version. (Source).

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