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April 28, 2016

Good day all,

This time I want to write about how to get VISA TOURIST to Australia for Indonesian.
If you want to go to Australia for holiday, the first thing that we have to think about is the VISA. Even Australian is getting free VISA to get into Indonesia, but we are not, we should have VISA to enter this Kangaroo Island.

The good thing is there is two choices for manage our VISA, you can do it by yourself, or asking a travel Agent.

For people who lived at Jakarta or Bali, and around, it is way much more easier to come alone. All you got to do is complete all the documents they need, came at their representative office, wait the longest 15 days.

For taking care of VISA, Australian embassy have VFS Global as their agent. If you want to make Australian VISA, you can check their website here.

You also have a clear reason if you want to go to Australia. For holiday, working, or studying. All the options have their own VISA. and VFS Global will gladly help you.

For applying TOURIST VISA, Australian embassy need 3-15 working days from the day they accept your application. This is usually the stressed time for me. For applying it alone, you don't have to be worried, because they will give you a number that you can track from VFS Global.


Here is the requirement that you have to be prepared for applying TOURIST VISA:

  1. Valid passport, minimal 7 months before it's expiring time (the embassy will need your real passport, not the copy one).
  2. If you have an old passport, all you need is copy it, together with the pages that has been stamps with all the countries stamps that you have been there.
  3. Your newest photo size 4X6 for 2 pieces, with white background.
  4. If you are working, you will also need provide a letter from your company that stated you will return to Indonesia after visiting Australia. (the company usually understand how to make this, all you need to do is to tell them that you need the cocering letter for making VISA, if they never made it before, you can googling it, there's lots of example).
  5. If you have your own company, you have to provide the copy of your SIUP(Trading Business Lisence) .
  6. If you are a married woman, you need to provide letter from your husband together with your husband ID. 
  7. Your bank account for the least 3 months 
  8. Copy of your family Card documents (Kartu Keluarga) birth certificate, married certificate, your ID, and changing name certificate (if you have).

If you visit Australia because someone there invites you, you have to provide these:
  1. Invitation letter from someone that invites you
  2. Copy of the houses passport
  3. Copy of the houses driving lisence
  4. Copy of the houses VISA if they are not the Australian citizen.
If the house is your partner, you have to provide:
  1. Copy of the chats between the two of you. Not all of the conversations, only the conversations that talking about the plan of your visit
  2. Photo of the two of you, free size but should be at the same frame.
  3. Call records, you can use call records from phone records, line, whatsapp, skype, or anything that can show your call records.
If you already provide all the documents, now you can download the form. Here's the link for download the Form: FORM

Fill all the columns that need to be fill, and put it together with all the documents that you already prepared before. Make sure the email that you write is the email address that you always access.

If you are living in Jakarta or Bali, you can come at the Australian Embassy agent office. But if you are living outside those cities, VFS Global provide a courier for you, of course they asked for courier fee.

But, if you are really confuse about it, you can go into the travel agent, especially if you also want to taking care of your flight ticket. BTW, I went to Melbourne from Denpasar. I used Dwidaya Tour as my travel agent. Why? Because after I did a small survey, I think this travel agent fee is cheaper than other travel agents around. What they need actually is the same like the  things that I wrote above. If you already have all the documents, you just come at their office, asked them to taking care of the VISA. You can also ask them to taking care your flight ticket. When I did this, their staff also helped you to fill some columns that you don't understand.

Because I used travel agent for my VISA, the waiting time that usually 3-15 days, it up until 5-15 days. This is happen because the travel agent need time to send it to the VFS, but it just need 1 day to send it.

When I applied it, I faced a problem, my bank account is not accept. Actually Australian Embassy doesn't state how much money you have at your bank account, but if you have some suspicious transactions at your bank account, they usually reject it. Just because my personal bank account is used for keeping my department money, so I have one month with huge amount of money, but in the next month i don't have that much money. Luckily Dwidaya re-check my applications before give it to the VFS. They contacted me, and asked me if I have Rp50.000.000 for making sure that my bank account is save. Shock and confuse, how could I have that much money in one day. After communicate with Dwidaya Branch and Center office, I asked them if I can provide my boyfriend salary slip. It happened when my boyfriend do the VISA application for his ex girlfriend in Philippines. Unfortunately, they don't want it, they said Indonesian and Philippines rules are different. At that time I'm so stressed, because not all westerner want to show their bank account. It tooks me a couple hours to unsure him that's the only way to make my application accept. Do I feel relieve? No... Because I have to wait, do they accept or reject my application.

Some case doesn't need Rp50.000.000 at their bank account. My friend who had boyfriend in Australia didn't have to provide that much of money, or her boyfriend bank account. So, to be save, make sure your bank transaction for the last three months is balance.

The thing is, you can track your application if you asked the travel agent to help you. So all we going to do is waiting and waiting.

After 1 week (including Saturday and Sunday) my application finally accepted. Happy? OF COURSE. Finally I can go to Australia. Your passport will returned to you together with your VISA acceptance letter. I just need to take it to Dwidaya, and taking care my flight ticket. This VISA acceptance letter is really important, I always brought it at Australia, even your acceptance already scanned at your passport, but I keep this letter for keeping me save.

Let's get lost in Melbourne... :)

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