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February 10, 2018


Another post about travelling. After spending lots of times for changing my visa (and still going on). We guess last week was a good time for having some relax time out there.

That is true, that we are still on budget. Especially, after lodging my visa that costs us lots of money. But it doesn't stop us for having a little travelling. And, in here, we could find lots of places that free. So, even we are still on budget, we still able for having a stress release time.

This time we went to Mornington Peninsula. This place is very famous among tourist. because its name is "peninsula" so we will see lots and lots of beaches in this place.

Yes, because Mornington peninsula serves us a beautiful scenery, the fresh sea air, winery, cafes, and of course beaches.

Did you know I once made a post about my visit to Point Nepean? If you know, you also know that Point Nepean is also one of the places in this peninsula. You could able to visit more places in this peninsula that look alike the Point Nepean.

And the fun thing is almost all these attractions are free. Except if you coming to their souvenir shops or cafes, LOL

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This Mornington Peninsula also face to face with Philip Island too. So if we are standing at the right sightseeing places at Mornington Peninsula, we could see a small tip of tge Philip Island. Beside Philip Island, we also could see the French Island, another Island near Philip Island. As long as we find the right spot.

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Since there are lots of sightseeing post along the peninsula, we didn't stop to all of the posts. Beside there are lots of them, we couldn't just finished it in one trip too, especially when we started our journey around 11am. So, we decided to go to some places only, likes these three:


Our first stop is the submarine-wreck. Yes submarine. But it is not a submarine like the submarine at the transformer movie, when you are able to enter the inside of the submarine. This submarine-wreck called HMAS Otama
this is the nearest pict I can get for the submarine

HMAS Otama is the submarine that used by Royal Australian Navy (RAN). If you want to see its wreck, you could go into Stony Point area at Hasting. At the Western Port Bay to be exact. All you going to do just follow the Wolleys Road and you can stop in front of Victorian Maritime Center, and walk to the beach.

Taken from North Queensland Aboriginal language, Otama means dolphin. Made at Scotland by Scott Ship Building & Engineering Company in Greenock, May 25, 1973. This submarine launched at December 3rd, 1975 and becoming part of RAN at April 27th, 1978.
This submarine is the oberon class submarine. Which is the submarine with the higher class from its senioe (Porpoise). Made in England for operated by only five countries. This class have the same design like its senior, but higher level at its weapon.

This submarine operated until end of 2000, a year delayed from its plan. Because HMAS Otama should replaced by HMAS Stirling at 1999. But because the problem about the introducing new class of submarines (collin-class), this Submarine finally rested at 2000.

After finishing its duty, at 2001 this submarine sold to Western Port Oberon Association, and planned to be a real museum. But since the association still working on the permit, this submarine that moored at Western Port Bay at 2002 is waiting.
Victorian Maritime Museum sign (1)
Victorian Maritime Museum sign (2)

Victorian Maritime Museum
*Sorry about the backlight from the sun :( 
If you want to come, just try to find the Western Port Bay Look Out Beach, but it is so difficult to get near the submarine. We will need the speedboat or yacht to go near it. Some yacht and speed boat owner able and allowed to do so. These yachts and speedboats are commonly came from the yacht club at Hasting.
Western Port Bay Lookout Beach
The look out beach is not that bad. Even the beach line is not really long, but it's enough for enjoying or sun bathing here. While you served with the submarine and yachts and speed boats that tried to go near the submarine. Some mangrove also become another things to see here. A little green in the blue is not bad tho.


After being satisfied seeing the submarine, that really hard to see from that far, my boyfriend then took me to another spot, Cape Schanck. But, before we arrived at Cape Schanck, we stopped at the place that edge enough to see the edge of Philip Island, called Point Leo Look Out.

This place is the place for having family picnic, BBQ or camping. This place also have the playground, so if you want to bring your kids for camping, this place is not boring for kids too.
wild bunnies
If you are lucky, you will see lots of wild bunnies here. Since they are wild, they are not too friendly to human.

Free place for camping and BBQ, this place is awesome.  There is a beach too here, but since we running out of time, we didn't go to the beach. 


Our final destination, Cape Schanck. This place is the most southern tip of the Mornington Peninsula. At the meeting of Bass Strait and Western Port. This place is the most attractive place among the tourist. Why? Beside the lighthouse, we also could see the spectacular views over geological formation called Pulpit Rock and Devil Desk, which were created by volcanic activity over millions years ago.
a lighthouse seen from the path to the wooden stair
You could come at their lighthouse. We could see the former lighthouse keeper's house too here. This house build arong 1859. Too bad we couldn't go to see the lighthouse because we are a little bit late. The lighthouse open from 9am until 6pm.
What a beauty!!
But, we still able to see another beautiful view from Cape Schanck. In this place, they provide us the wooden stairway that lead us to the pebble beach and rock platform.
alternative for wedding photograph
We even met some people doing their pre-wedding photoshoot here. Since they are busy doing their photo shoot at pebble beach, we decided to go to the rock platform instead. Since the beach line of this rock platform is long, and full of rock, so be very careful to step at this place.
Wooden Stairway

"Life in the Rock Pools of Cape Schanck"
Waves, check, blue water, check. what else? If you are lucky, you will find a sea life at the ponds around the rocks. Even my boyfriend takes his time more less an hour to find it. You could see what kind of sea creatures you could find at their board.

And yes, we are lucky enough to see crab, small fish, and some of big fishes too around it. They are pretty shy, so yeah, it tooks time to see them moving around the rock inside the nature ponds.

Want to make your instagram picture more nature and beautiful? This place is also the place. We could see some people tried to pose here for their social network feed. Us too, LOL.
Catching the sunset

Beautiful two different sea water colors

Eagle nest

I guess, this place is best. Especially you could enjoy everything here. The sunset is also the best time in this place. Go on and catch the waves, sunset, and the different colors of the sea water.

Once you drive around this place, pay attention to wild animal too. If you lucky, you will find wild kangaroo, wombat, or koala. Like us, we found a wild kangaroo hopping around at the side of the road. Lucky its hooped at the side, so its not being hit by any car.

Because the kangaroo appear so sudden, and we are shock. All we did was slower the car, and amazed by the hopping kangaroo. LOL.

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