Hello Straya: Melbourne Whitenight, a Fantastic Show All Night Long

February 23, 2018


Hi all,

A couple days ago, Melbourne had a night long event named "Melbourne Whitenight". This event held at 7pm until 7am 17 February until 18 February, 2018. All night long!!!

WhiteNight Melbourne

According to its website, Whitenight is Melbourne yearly event. But, why I just know this year? LOL/ Three years returned to Melbourne and opened a Melbourne event website, I just found this event this year.

They also said, this event already held since 2013, inspired by International Nuit Blance Movement at Paris. Basically this event is the celebration of the differences from cultural until creativity. This event provided you lots of art like light art, music, dance, etc. For 12 hours non stop around Melbourne CBD and some tourism spot around Melbourne.

The event is free for everyone. So all the arts that we saw in this event are free. For four hours walked, yes it's true, we saw lots of free events around us. The places that we spent money for were just parking spot at Crown Casino and coffees at Starbucks. Why Starbucks? Because that shop is the only one who didn't have much people in it, at that time. Once we out from the shop, it became full of people too.

This non alcohol event is really have lots of polices too. Almost every corners we could see at least five polices in group.

Lost or need information? It was easy to find people who helped you. They are almost in every crossroad, prepared and ready to helped you.

This is the map where we walked for four hours enjoying the whitenight. And this is the record for the longest walk I have in my fitness application, LOL.

Started from South Gate to the National Gallery of Victoria, and stop a while at the testing groung art center and art center it self. Then we walked to Queen Victoria Memorial Garden and continued walked to the Federation Square, and all around CBD and ended up at Carlton Garden.

In Carlton Garden my feet started getting hurt. Actually, we want to enjoyed the event until morning. Especially it is really hard to 100% enjoy the event because of lots of people in the street. Makes me a little bit dizzy too. Maybe because I am not tall enough, so the oxygen supply that I had wasn't as much as those who taller than me. LOL.

A little bit dizzy, and feet that getting hurt, and we are at the other side of the town. So it was a little bit struggled to choose should we hold on until morning or just gave up.

Lunar New Year & WhiteNight, a Perfect Combination for See Lots of Human 

Because we came from Crown Casino, so we started our journey by enjoyed the things that served that night. We started our journey from 8pm to the city, even thought the event started at 7pm. We didn't want to come too early for all night event like this. We arrived around 9pm, probably because of the road at St. Kilda was closed or because lots of people also have the same purpose like us, to the whitenight event.

a dragon dance at Lunar New Year Celebration at Crown Casino

Since it also a Lunar New Year celebration at Crown Casino, so we also saw a bazaar that held at Crown Casino and saw their entertainment too. It was difficult to find a parking space and full when we arrived there.

Like I said, perfect for seeing lots of people in one event. The first place really makes me dizzy. Lots of people, they didn't moving, they all tall, and sometimes I commented to my boyfriend to not walked behind people, because some of them just walked sooooo slow, and I had no patient to follow them. Especially in the place with lots of people like it.

Anyway, after saw a dragon dance at the Crown bazaar stage, our next destination is Federation Square. But we went to some places first to enjoy. Here places that we went at the whitenight.

South Gate to Art Center

    Still with the Lunar New Year Bazaar feeling, at the South Gate, we welcomed by the floating lantern named Le Bal des Lumineoles. Shaped like a floating fish.
    Le Bal des Lumineoles at South Gate
    After being delighted by the floating fish lantern, we went to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), but stop at the art center to see a beautiful light colors at art center's park. 

    Right in front of the tower, we could see a big screen that played a top 40 music video all night long. And also a stage for you who want to express your self (I think). After stopped and took some pictures, we went to the NGV.

    National Gallery of Victoria

    Another WOW places. Well, this is an art gallery, of course I would see lots of beautiful arts inside it. And it was free... LOL. 

    This gallery also welcomed us with very beautiful floating candles at its pond. And at its wall they played movie from the winner of the Immigration Museum Exhibition Awards: They Cannot Take the Sky: Stories from Detention. Which told about the immigrants at Melbourne. 

    We were amazed with all the arts inside the gallery. We could see lots of arts from 100 artist from 32 different countries in here. What kind of art? You could see sculpture, paint, ect, you name it.

    I actually love to see art so much. But since there were lots of people came in group and noisy, so I couldn't enjoy it 100%. You know art gallery will be much more grace and easy to enjoy when the visitors are not very noisy.

    So move on...

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    Queen Victoria Garden

    Because there were lots of visitors at the NGV, I couldn't stand to stay inside it too long. So we move on to the other place. 

    Next destination was Queen Victoria Garden. In here we could see lots of arts displayed almost at the entire parks. Their main attractions was the Neon Dog Park

    Neon Dog Park provided you a colorful colors of neon light that shaped like lots of dogs breeds, and also dogs behavior. You could take a picture with them, but of course not to break it.

    All the Park Around Queen Victoria Garden to Federation Square

    Beside the Neon Dog Park, we could see lots of arts displayed, not just inside the Queen Victoria Park only, but almost all the parks around when we walked to the Federation Square. Almost all of them were soooooooo mesmerizing.

    Like the visual art named The Man Who Cannot Sleep near the Neon Dog Park. It was the big face sculpture with a light that shoot at it. I didn't take the picture, because lots of people stand surrounded it.

    If you walked to the center of the Queen Victoria Park, you could participate with turn the candle on at the Queen Victoria's Sculpture. It was a part of the event too, named Light the Way. And, the way to the Sculpture were also lighted with candles at the verge of the foot path.

    La Terra Al Centro Dell' Universo from Namaste Europa were the art that displayed the solar system. 

    And also the balloon that shaped like half body of astronot, named Calling Occupant. Sadly we couldn't go near the art, because, again, lots of people surrounded it. So we walked forward to the Federation Square, took its picture from behind is good enough tho... LOL.

    Federation Square and around

    Human, human, and human. That was the first thing in my mind when we arrived at Federation Square. Because Fed Square also in front of the most busiest train station at Melbourne, Flinder Station, and also CBD, yes of course, there were lots of people gather and meet.
    copyright of Mas Bojo personal Facebook
    Since there were lots of people at Federation Square, I was a little bit nervous. What if there were a bomb here, someone in trance, putting religion as the shield, and bomb all of us. OMG! What a nightmare. Luckily I just too much thinking. There were some accident. I could see one or two people brought by police, bleeding, but yeah. Show must go on, right. After all, police were everywhere.

    What we could see at Fed Square? An art installation named Liquid Sky. The website said that was the first time they had it. With 150 meters long from one to other end of Fed Square. It said this art inspired by a group of bird that fly at the sky, but I saw it like the wave. Especially with the pearly blue colors.

    In front of the Fed Square, we could see some people dancing while trying to pull the big rope that hanging in front of the liquid sky. And when they did that, we could hear a breezing and beautiful sound from it. It so connected with the liquid sky it self. One of my favorite, makes me feel calm and peace for a while.

    Walked to the east of Fed Square, in front of ACMI bulding, we were amazed by a light show at the buildings in front of ACMI. They named the art The Secret Life of Building. This also my favorite one.

    Walked a little far and stop at the Town Hall, we could hear and saw some opera singers singing at the veranda of the Town Hall. Come on, when will we get the Opera singing show for free beside at the whitenight at Melbourne? LOL.

    Carlton Garden

    The last place to visited that night was Carlton Garden, it was at the tip of the Melbourne. Because we walked it feel so far, and we took the wrong way to get it. But when we arrived there, OMG!!! I really amazed with their art installation named Lime Light Projection Lighting at Royal Exhibition Building.

    Their light show succeed makes me in awe. 

    For more less 6 minutes they provide the light show and it came every 3 minutes with different lightshow. It was so amazing.

    Walked to the back of the building, we went to the Melbourne Museum and served by another wonderful art installations. The Serpent Mother is one of it. It was a giant snake that able to release the fire from its body, and in a couple minutes, the fire also came out and dance at the giant egg in the middle of its body.

    I didn't took a photo of it, because when we arrived there, I saw nothing special, because it wasn't move nor the fire was just not interesting in me. But when I sat at the other end of Melbourne Museum because feeling tired, they started the fire dance, and I wasn't able to walked because too tired. 

    Another attraction was birdmen. It was the only arts that able to interact with the audiences. There were three birdmen that walked around the ground. You could follow them if you want. 

    And also there was the white night messenger that also walking around the Carlton garden. They said this art made as the symbol of diversity and spreading love and compassion.

    Actually there were still lots of arts installation all around the city, but since my battery already low, so after having fun at the Carlton garden, we went back home. Talking about long night.

    Do I want to come back next year? Absolutely. In hope I will able to find all of the arts that spread all around Melbourne.

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