Anime Review: Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card-Hen

February 15, 2018

Hi all,
Still remember or known Anime* called Cardcaptor Sakura? If you don't know what is this anime, this anime is about a primary (elementary) school girl called Kinomoto Sakura. She possessed magical power that came from the magical book at her father's library. Which her accidentally released all the cards inside it, and also two of the guardians, Cerberus (Keroberos) and Yue. She used the power that possessed to her for gathering all the cards, and changed it to be Sakura Card.

After the anime finished a couple years ago, CLAMP finally makes its sequel, called Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Hen (CCS Clear Card Hen).

So, this post is about my comment to this new sequel of CCS. I am lucky enough that I can stream the anime here, when I don't know where to find the manga* in this new country. LOL.

At first, I thought the CCS Clear Card Hen is like Sailor Moon Crystal. Where in Sailor Moon Crystal, the story is not change, but they just upgrade some things to follow the world now, like now they used mobile phone, laptop, etc. But, my thought is wrong.

*anime = Cartoon that made in Japan
*manga = Comic that Made in Japan, some mangaka now isn't from Japan anymore, but I am guessing that the drawing method is look alike Japanese mangaka 


CCS Clear Card Hen manga actually release from July 2016. Still with CLAMP as the author, and Nakayoshi magazine as the magazine in Japan. In Japan it self, the manga already run for 3 volumes now and still on going. Talking about Japanese manga. I remember that Detective Conan and Inuyasha still not finished yet.


Different from its manga, CCS Clear Card Hen anime starts at january 2018. Of course it makes this anime is still on going. I was so happy when I came at my anime streaming program at my laptop, and find this anime pop up at "new release" folder in that program. Makes me remember i cried when someone borrow my first CCS manga, and not bringing it back to me.

Since it start in January 2018, until now just a view episode that already release. It will come every week, so I have to be really patient for waiting a new episode of this anime.

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  • Sakura and her friends now is at (Junior) High School
Beside the setting is still same, at Tomoeda city, Sakura's home, and people around her is also still the same. Sakura habits also not change, she still having difficulty to wake up early. Touya, Sakura's brother also still called her "monster". Even they are at (junior) high school now, not all Sakura's primary (elementary) school is having the same school. Rika, Sakura's friend who likes her teacher (Mr. Terada) entered private school.

Even though Chiharu and Yamazaki entered the same school like Sakura, they class is different with Sakura. And Li Shaoran also attending the same class with Chiharu and Yamazaki. So, Sakura, Tomoyo, and Naoko are at the same class (talking about how I really a big fan of this anime).

That is right, Shaoran return to Japan after "finishing his business at Hong Kong". And we could see and still ship Sakura-Shaoran relationship in this series.

  • (Another) Weird Dream and Sakura Card that Change 
A little bit throw back story too at the beginning. Sakura had a weird dream again. But this time it wasn't Clow that appeared in her dream ( I think). Someone that came in her dream is put the hood covering the face, and in her dream, the Sakura seal key suddenly change.

The seal key that changed at Sakura dream apparently also changed in real life. And surprisingly all the Sakura Card that she had changed to be transparent and all the pictures are gone.

Beside, all the people who had the magic like Kero, Yue and Shaoran didn't feel any magical activity around, but Sakura able to feel it. 
  • The Appearance of New Card 

Yes, the transparent Sakura Cards, Yue and Kero that can't feel the magic, new key, and the new one, another new cards. The appearance of these cards are also the same like before. Sudden magical things happened around Sakura, and she had to seal it with her new key. 

  • Yukito (Yue) & kero vs. Touya
Same Yue, same Kero, but a different Yukito. Yukito isn't the same Yukito who able to eat tons of food in one time. And he didn't suddenly fall asleep anytime everywhere. And in this story, Yukito know that he have "another" person that couldn't been seen by him. Yukito also know Kero now, and everytime Kero appear in front of him, he willingly to allow Yue appear.

If Kero and Yue have a good relations, it is different with Touya. Even Touya now loosing his magical power, he still suspicious that Kero isn't that ordinary plush toy like Sakura always said.

  • New Caracter
There was no new character until episode 5. In this episode Sakura had a new friend named Akiho Shinomoto. In glimpsed she looks like Rika. And her name is look alike Sakura's. Because Sakura is bubbly and really easy to close with a new friend, so it is easy for her to get close with Akiho.

But, when Li Shaoran asked Eriol about Sakura new friend, even though Eriol said she didn't have a magical power, but he warning Shaoran to be careful with this new friend. I wonder what is going on, especially in the first CCS there are no antagonistic character at all.

Nothing is Really New

The story line of course different, and not the upgrade version of the first CCS. But since this is the continued story from the first one, beside Rika that not appeared anymore since the beginning, nothing is change from Sakura's friend.
Sakura's friend also the same. sakura also still sit beside Tomoyo at class. Tomoyo isn't change at all. Still love to record Sakura, and love making costume for Sakura.

Beside upgrading the gadget, like all of them  now having mobile phone with touch screen, Kero's game still the same. Some times we also able to see that they are getting along with the new gadget like video call, or selfie.

An added of new character probably will happen, especially after Akiho said that she had someone that really close to her too.

Same Dubber (?)

Since I used streaming with Japanese language, I a little bit awe with their voice. It is not change at all. All of them. 

Worth to Wait

For me and another fans, in some point a couple years ago we wish to see the sequel of this series, right? And now they made it, of course I am happy.

Even the characters are not change, the stories is look alike (Sakura have to use her power to collect new cards again). But I personally become really curious about what kind of card that will appear, and who will be the new character, and what is the link to Sakura new cards.

Especially, when Eriol suddenly don't communicate with Sakura, but having a tense communication with Li Shaoran. And he also said to Sakura before all the strange things happen that Sakura should be really careful, and he keep saying "it's not time yet." When Miss Mizuki and Ruby Moon keep asking why he didn't tell Sakura about what is going on.

And, elevated and continuing dream that Sakura had it added more curiosity in me. In the episode 5, at her dream, Sakura been drag in front of the mysterious face. She seems to see who is the hooded person is, but when she wake up she forget. 

I guess for us who wait for this sequel, it is worth to wait. Really 

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