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Bounce Up Pact Ver 88 ~Review~

August 14, 2016

Good day,

It's been a long time I'm not making a review post about make up. This time I want to make a testimonial about the popular compact powder. It said if we use this compact powder, we don't have to use the foundation, because this compact powder also a foundation.
Bounce Up Pact Ver 88 now is my must to bring cosmetic
After saw a view review about this compact powder, I really curious, because this compact powder seems able to cover the big pore and also pimple. It doesn't mean I have lots of pimples, but sometimes I feel not confident about my big pore.
After looking at some online stores, finally I purchase this product, of course it is genuine product.
My tips to buy genuine cosmetics online:
  • Buy the cosmetics at the trusted online shop, the shops that only sell genuine products.
  • It's alright to compare the price. If the price have a small price differences towards each other shops, that will be no problem
  • Look at the costumer's testimonial
  • Always check the differences between genuine and fake products
At least, this tips help you all minimizing to get fake products.
It took me a month to bought this product. I should check here and there, until I decided to buy it at one of the online store at

Waited for 4 days, this product finally arrived. Because I don't want to spent lots of time for make up, that is why I want to try this product. I'm thinking using BB Cream before compact powder wasting my time, and also because I'm a field worker, so I need a product that not heavy and all in one.

This product seems like a normal compact powder. But when we pressed our finger to its powder, it immediately stick to my finger but not feeling sticky.
I tried applied it really thin, but since the first applied, this powder able to cover the unbalance color of our face, especially my under eye. To be honest, this product maybe waterproof if you apply it a little bit thicker, but since I am applied it thin, I have to retouch it again after lunch time.

This powder indeed cover out pore, and also really light. My way was using BB cream first and then this powder to make it really light but able to use it everyday without worrying it looks like a white mask.
this is the result...hehehe
This powder is also easy to clean. A little tips from me, when you cleaning your face, wash your face with warm water first, then used the facial foam, and wash it with warm water, then cold water, then use the face toner, to make your face clean and smooth.

One day I tried to apply this powder a little bit thicker. If you not always stand when the sun is high, this powder is really long lasting. It consist SPF 50+ so it already cover you from ultra violet. But it doesn't mean you are able to stand at the sun all the time.

Since this powder only have one skin color, so you can't have another color for this product. Overall, this powder is really good. 

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