Hello Straya: Healesville Sanctuary and Yarra Chocolatier

August 12, 2016

Hello all,

Do you know what is the most exiting moment with your relation is? Meeting his family. I know that he was married before, and from it he have two wonderful kid. His first daughter now 20 years old (more less), and his little naughty but lovely boy is 17 years old this year. I am so thrilled to see them. Apparently, his kids are wonderful. You know, when you are having no experience of marriage and child, and suddenly you have a boyfriend whose children already grown up. Luckily all is well. They welcomed me...

After getting know with his children, I step into another level, getting to know his parents. And those day is happened.

One day in Melbourne, my boyfriend's parents wants to meet me, and they asked us to visited Healesville Sanctuary. Maybe because my boyfriend said I love going to the zoo. Yes, Healesville Sanctuary is a big ranch.

Places at Healesville, a few km from Yarra Valley, this is the place where you can find Australian animal. So you will not find elephant, or giraffe or lion here. Instead, we will find Australian exotic animal here, kangaroo, wallaby, emu, koala, etc.
Hi Mr.Roo
The entry ticket is quit expensive, around AUD32.50. But it is worth it for you who urge to see Australian animal. Very big until sometimes we have to stop at the middle of the way for resting.
Want to know about kangaroo? This Australoian animal in here have a huge cage and we can enter inisde, as long as still at the path. Because if we enter the wrong paths, this animal will consider us as threat, they can kick you. All the staff also really informative.
Emu,the can't fly bird
Before, we passed the emu cage. My boyfriend said Emu was able to fly, but since he is really snob, so God curse him can't fly anymore. I'm thinking the legend from Indonesia also have the same story.

At the kangaroo cage, I saw some kangaroos carying their baby at their pockets. Too bad, the kangaroos trying to hide its baby, so it's difficult for us to see it.

I am over 250 (ssshh it's a secret ;p)
Beside the Australian animals, we also can find lots of old trees. They put a board at the tree that show us their age. The eldest trees ages over 250 years old.

When you step into the bird cage, you have to be really careful, because they have lot of small birds everywhere. Sometimes near our feet. but don't worry because you will find lots of board to remind you to walk really careful, so you will not step at the birds.

It was so pity I can't see the Tazmanian Devil. The Devil it self was slept and hide inside its place. It is so hard to see him hiding inside.\

Don't you miss the bird show. This show was the coolest animal show. It show us a hunting bird from Australia. Not only one bird, but lots of them.
If you want to know about Healesville Sanctuary, or want to buy the ticket online, you can check at their website HERE.
the cute wallaby
Anyway, my boyfriend's parents are a good person. His mom really informative, and his dad is loving and caring person. I already love them. Unfortunately we can't spend longer time with them, because they have to come back to their town before dark. It tooks them 3 hours to coming back home. Oh yes, I already miss them.
I am love this family
Oh, did I mention that my boyfriend also took his daughter? She and her boyfriend took us to the Yarra Chocolatier.

Placed near the wine valley, this place is a chocolate factory which also sells lots of chocolate varians. You can also find a free chocolate to taste too. Free entry, so you don't have to worry to pay it. You just only pay the chocolate you bought inside.
The chocolate is 1 metre
This is what i bought
One heavy chocolate, maybe if i add 4 more kilos i will have my chocolate barbel

Maybe because it is weekend, so this place is soooo full. Only have one building, and when we entered, they gave us lots of chocolates with lots of shapes.Oh, and also souvenirs. We bought a small package consist of 6 pieces of chocolate with different fillings.
very neat parking lot
All the things that you want to know about this factory is provide in this link

At the end of the day, the fourth of us having a dinner at Westfield Fountain Gate Shopping Mall. The restaurant called San Churro Chocolatier. Like the name, it gave us churo with lots of different dipping. chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, you choose.
the menu
this is what we order, churos with banana and straberry, plus capuccino, delizzzzz
Not only curos and chocolate, but they also sells lots of snacks too. You can check at their website HERE.

This place also good and fit for you who love coffee and churo. So, if you go to Fountain Gate Shopping Mall, don't forget to visit this place.

Having fun with family is also fun. Tips for you who want to meet your partner's parents, especially westerner partner: Just be yourself, they will respect you as the way you are. The rest, just go and having fun with them.

see you in another post...

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