Hello Straya: Melbourne Tourism: William Rickett's Sanctuary & Picnic and sight seeing at Ollinda Fall

July 22, 2016

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Autumn at Melbourne this time means lots of rain. Not a huge one like in Indonesia. The rain was not a problem, but the wind... it was soooo cold. The water became as cold as ice, and it was really good to have warm bath. Since every houses in Australia already installed with heater, it so easy to get the warm water, didn't need to boild a water first to get a warm water bath, like in Indonesia.

Because of rain almost everyday, to started the travelling was a little bit hard. Since we have to adjusted with the weather everyday. When in Indonesia, anytime you can go, depend on your intention only.

Melbourne weather at autumn, very windy

When I browsed the placed that I want to visit around Melbourne, I was so interest with place called "William Ricket Sanctuary". It placed on Dandenong hill. Not at the top, but around it. Seems it will be really cold when it is rain around that area. But, since I already at Aussie, so why not, cold didn't stop us to go there.
Pathway at William Rickkett's Sanctuary
part of the Victoria Park, Dandenong, William Ricket's Sanctuary is a park that showed you lots of sclupture from clay that placed together with nature. This makes this place different from other clay's museum. And also, it place is outdoor, and become one with nature make this place one of the different tourism attraction here.
Another pathway with clay statue
Why the name is William Rickett's Sanctuary? Because it was a home for Mr. William Rickett it self. Who is he? You can read his story here.

What the interest point of this place? Of course the art of Mr Willian. He mad clay and put it to be one with nature, a tree trunks, rocks, etc. Here were he stayed and did all his amazing art works.

Beside enjoying the breeze of this place, we also showed how he made his art. Some of his art placed inside a small houses around. We also able saw his life from video that played everytime we entered one of the house.

Lots of his art was a form of his protest about how the indigenous people of Australia couldn't get their own place in Australia, didn't get the same change in Australia, etc. (Seems familiar). So, walking around this place, and admired the art, not only thing we could do, we also learn something from Australian history.

The interesting part of this place was everywhere you go around, you will found his art, everywhere. Looks like not one of the corner missed from his art.

I think this place is worth to visit, especially if you are an art lover. It also a nice place to visit if you want to looking something different to visit. Not too far from the city, and beside this place, you could visit another places too.

Since this place is also a tourism place, we could do lunch outdoor too, like we did. Mt, Dandenong it self giving you lots of park for you to enjoy and rest. We also decided to have a lunch near the Ollinda fall.

If you forget to bring your lunch box, you can buy your lunch at some shops around this place. Since that what we forget, we stopped at Dandenong Bakery and bought some breads for lunch, and of course a hot cappuccino that fit the cold weather.
buying lunch at Mt. Dandenong Bakery
Completed menu behind us, you choose
Off to Ollinda fall then...

Once we arrived at the Olinda picnic ground, we welcomed by the fresh air. My boyfriend said we could see Kookabura around. He said the bird will come when you lure them with food. But no one came, maybe because the weather was too cold.
Lunch Time!!!!!
Enaknya piknik di sana itu, masih asri banget, nggak ada sampah berseraakan di mana-mana. Ada plang yang dipasang kalau bawa makanan,sampahnya dibawa pulang. Bagusnya, warganya patuh loh, mereka bener-bener bawa pulang sampah bekas piknik mereka. Picnic ground di Ollinda Fall memang bersih banget, sampah sih ada, tapi sampah alam, bukan sampah bawaan manusia. Keren banget ya.
My chicken sandwich... nom nom nom
We choose this place because this place near to the Olinda waterfall. So after finishing our lunch, we went to Olinda fall. To enter this waterfall, we pay nothing a.k.a free.
My boyfriend said it's dirty, but i guess nature dirty will be ok... rather than human makes it dirty
The waterfall it self is not as high as the waterfall that I ever seen before, but the nature was superb. This can be the alternative for enjoying the real nature. Calm nature and only the sound of the waterfall and the wild animal, it was wonderful. It also really save, because they give you a handrail to hold on.
Pathway to Ollinda Fall
You can choose two different ways to get near the waterfall. Want the closest and easy, or the far and steep way. Since we already there, we tried both of it. LOL.
Which One You Choose? Why not both #stronggirl
If you want to know the complete story of this waterfall, you can come and read my boyfriend's blog (oh yes he also blogging) HERE. He made the story of the waterfall first, so rather than re-write it in here, you can come to his blog. LOL.

That's my story travelling around Melbourne, wait for another post about my travelling in this Land Down Under. Cheers... :)

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