Hello Straya: Short Date at Cranbourne Royal Botanical Garden

August 13, 2016

Good day all,

My last visit to Melbourne indeed at autumn. So the weather is really cold, and almost everyday is rain. At Indonesia, even it's a huge rain you still find some people playing with the rain, but when in Melbourne, I didn't see anyone try to play with the rain, it's cold.

One day, my boyfriend asked me to have a short date at the place which is not too far from home. Called Cranbourne Royal Botanical Garden, around 15-30 minutes to get there.


Royal Botanical Garden is a garden that have lots of plants inside. It open from 9am until 5pm. And to enter this garden, you don't have to pay, yes it's free entrance.
So, what will you do in Australia Garden?

Here's some tips to enter this garden:
  • Don't litter 
  • Walked at the path that provided 
  • Don't feed any animals inside the garden
  • If you want to ride with your bike, use the bike path
  • You can't bring your pet
  • You can't take all the plants inside the garden
  • There's a field for you who want to play with the ball
And like all you know, Australian is really obey with the rule. So you will not find them littering or damaging the garden.

First view of this garden is a red landscape with a few plants at the middle, it looks like the surface of mars. This landscape is so big, since it's a garden, you can't take anything here. And you will find lots of sign about what plant planted here. This is the first garden called "The Red Garden".
The Red Garden

We also can find a small gardens, which predict will be the future garden. We also can play at their artificial river, called Rockpool Waterway. You are free play inside this river as long as you keep at the place where the flag is.
Rockpool Waterway

This garden is so kids friendly, kids can find playground too to play with here.
Let's play the sliding
yes we have to go trough these branches
There is the slide, right in the edge
ready for sliiiiiide...

if you have an art soul, you also can pouring your arts at one place. They provide the chalk too.
You can have your art soul pour in here

If you enter deeper, you can see a big lake. And you can find lots of animal around it too. Once again, we are forbid to feed the animals here.
Clean lake

Black swan swimming at the lake

Animal in here is a wild animal, so sometimes we will see a sign that remind us to be careful to the wild animal that crossing. We found a wild wallaby when we went home.
Lost wallaby, hehehe...

So if you are at Cranbourne, don't forget to come into this place. You can check at their website HERE

Here it is, my story about the Cranbourne Botanical Garden.
Feel free to comment and ask...

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