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June 05, 2017

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Another pending post. LOL. Well, since I already move to Melbourne, and still not able to work, soI have lots of time to write at my blog.

This is the story of our visit to the old town called Walhalla. Placed 180km from Melbourne. This town was the gold mine. Basically, the earlier Victorian people, even also came from England, were a gol mining, so we could find lots of old gold mining town around Victoria. Like Walhalla.
road at Walhalla

Places at the mountain at Gippsland, Walhalla famous of its history and nature tourism. This town was the richest place in Victoria, because more than 4.000 people lived in this town. Nowadays, only 20 people live in this town.
the gold town, Walhalla
First time we came, we can see the mix between the green hills around and old houses. All the buildings at this place is not change,they are same like before. Some of the buildings are now became a museums. Like their old post office. This post office now become their heritage museum. We can see the old tools that the postman of Walhalla used.From their telephone, until their uniforms.
Walhalla Old Post Office
What makes this post office's history unique was all the worker in this place was women. We went further to the back, and we could see rooms that they used before, like their bedrooms, and kitchen. One of the bedroom even show us their old dresses, shoes, and cosmetics. At the other rooms, we saw an old piano, and a tea table, the last room is the bedroom of her daughter, complete with the crib and dolls. If we came to the kitchen, I could see some of their old cooking utensil and also the walk in closet to keeping all the ingredients for cooking.
Old Phone at Walhalla Post Office
Cupboard at Walhalla Post Office
Old Chimney 
Old Clock
Tea Room
Old Grand Piano
Old Cosmetics 
Old Stove
Old spice closet

We can also enjoy coffee or tea at the old cafe there, or maybe looking at another house that became a museum, like what we do. We went to the souvenir shop, which apparently it also a museum. In this museum they showed us the everyday life of the Walhalla people, including the dress that they always wear everyday. At the back, they show us the old washing machine, and the place to store food, etc.
Old washing machine
You can choose to involve at gold mining tour. The mining it self really close to the town. my boyfriend don't want us to involve at that tour because the ticket is so expensive. LOL.
Old Hotel

Since we didn't follow any tour, we are free to do whatever in this town. So we walked around and climb the hill. I was not disappoint, because the view from the hill was better.
Great View from here
If you are brave enough, you can also visit their cemetery.To get into this cemetery, we had to went out of the town, and stopped at the park placed just before entering the town. Near the park, there was a small road to the hill. We can't bring our car into that road, so the only way is by walked.

It was long and tiring way, until we came to the cemetery. Even I hoped it will be the old gothic cemetery, at the reality, it was usual cemetery. Even it looks like usual cemetery, but we can find some of the graveyard are older than us. My boyfriend even said, sometimes some of the graveyard is empty, because the person who name is stated there died somewhere else, and they can't buried them here.
Old Cemetery
Talking about old and scary, this town also have their mystery tour. They have this tour at night, and in a group. Do you think you are able to follow this tour?

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