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May 19, 2017

Good day all,

This time my boyfriend and I visited Bairnsdale and stayed there for three nights. Bairnsdale is his parents town, and we stayed at their place

It tooks more less 2 hours from Cranbourne to Bairnsdale. Before we arrived at Bairnsdale, we stopped at Den of Nargun, around Gippsland. According to story, Den Of Nargun is one of the Australian indigenous people came, this people called Gunakurnai.

The legend started from the first Gunaikurnai people that came from southwest the mountain brought canoe at his head, his name was Borun the pelican. One day he went to Tarra Warackel (now called Port Alber) he heard stomping sound several times, and tried looking for it. When he tried to enter the deeper side of the river with his canoe, he found a girl called Tuk. Both of them like each other and married, their children was the beginning of this Gunaikurnai people.

The place where Borun met Tuk is the Den of Nargun. It placed at di Woolshed CreekMitchell River National Park. This place is part of the Aboriginal sacred place, they said if you throw a boomerang or the spear, somehow it will return to us. 
waterfall that can cover the den 

In this place, they also held ceremony for a grown up woman. And this place also have a mistery stroy, they said you can find half stone human here, and they will kidnapped the kids.

To get into this place, you have to walked down from the national park. It more like hiking track. So deep down and a little bit steep. 
Path walk to Den ofNargun, prepare your stick

The beauty place will erase all your tired. Unfortunately we can't get inside the cave because the high tide of the river. This place is also good for you who want to try a new Australian nature holiday. 

Den of Nargun is one place at Eagle Point, Bairnsdale. Beside giving us Denof Nargun, Bairnsdale also have some attractions like Raymond Island, the island of Koalas. cruising around the lake, or just enjoying the day at the lake.My boyfriend said, if we are one of the richest people at Victoria,we probably able to have the house near the lake. Because only the rich people can buy all the houses near the lake.

My boyfriend house is a farm house. They have really huge farm. In the farms they have three horses, and one pony. They used to had lambs,but since his parents also work outside the farm, they sold it, because no one taking care of the lambs. For them now it's easier to have horses.
Family Farm

My boyfriend parents have a cabin house near their house, and at that cabin we stayed. This minimalist cabin actually like a small house. It have living room, one big bedroom where they keep their vinyls collections, toilet, bathroom with the washing machine also, and a huge kitchen. Because the bedroom is full of the vinyls and other collections, so we put the bed at the kitchen. The kitchen is really complete,and we still able to cook there. My boyfriend said, this cabin was his brother place to stay, before he decided to moved to the city.
Our Cabin
Our minimalist room

If you living with your parents, the best thing is they will provide you anything, like us. We had our big meal three times a day. Also very delicious dessert every night. Being fat is not in our dictionary this time.

Beside, his parents also took us cruising around the lake. Big big lake. His father said if you keep sailing further, you will reach Sidney. You can also enjoy very clean nature, and if you lucky, you can catch a wild kangaroo around.
Our cruising ship, "Thunderbird" makes me remember one of my childhood cartoon

Finished cruising, we went to the city central. Here we came to the very famous catholic church, called St. Marry Church. Its famous with its painting at the wall. The artist who painted all the paint at the wall and the roof of this church is Francesco Floreani, an Italian artist. The painting itself told about a catholic saints, trinity, also pictures of heaven and hell. This day, this church is at its renovation time, because its age is more than 100 years, and need some renovations. In its 100 years, this church has been restored several time. At 1978 for example, the restoration was moved the granite altar.
St.Mary Catholic Church... so artistic & colorfull
St. Mary's Church Altar

Another main attraction is Raymond Island. A small island at Mc Millan Bay.This island is really famous for its wild Koala. If we are lucky enough, we can see Koala walking and swinging around the tress around this island. Don't be surprise that in this island also have several houses to live in.

If you want to go to Raymond Island, just jump at the ferry which will took us cross the river to the Raymond Island. Don't worry, the ferry always there all the time.It tooks only 10-15 minutes to cross the river and it's free.

At 1953 some Koalas sent from Phillip Island to this island to save them from extinction. Since then, Koala populations grown in this place, and not long after, their life became the attraction at this island.
Huge, Huge Koala

We can walk at this island trough Koala Trail.This track makes us easier to walk around the Island to find the Koala without worrying will get lost. The track only 1.2 kilometers long. And as long as we walked this track, we can see some koala at the top of the trees, sleeping.

It is hard to find the awaken Koala, lots of them are sleeping, and they are sleeping far at the top of the tree. Be careful of the mosquitoes and fire ants around. Luckily, when we almost finished tracking, we found one adult Koala hanging around at the tree. LUCKY.

Some of history places also can be found in this area. Like the trestle bridges. Some of the trestle bridges is renew, some are not. We visited two of the oldest bridge.

First bridge called Stony Creek Trestle Bridge, or most people know it as Nowa Nowa Bridge,because it places at Nowa Nowa. Build at 1916 using red ironbark and grey box woods. This bridge is 20 meters tall and 247 meters long, and the biggest trestle bridge at this state.
Nowa Nowa Trestle Bridge

We can't try to cross this bridge, because this bridge foundation is really fragile. They even put the barrier so we can't try cross this bridge.
Nope, you can't walk across this bridge

The second trestle bridge is Nojee Trestle Bridge at Baw Baw. This bridge builded at 1919, and has been restored several time, most of it because of the fire. At the end of 1939 this bridge was completely burn down, and they rebuilt it again.
Nojee Trestle Bridge, you able to walk across this bridge

You can cross this bridge, because this bridge is already equip with good safety. With 102 meters longand 21meters high, some of cyclists sometimes cross this bridge too.

Since that time was DST and also springtime, we had longer time to enjoy the sun, and having really breezing spring wind. So, my boyfriend took me to one of the eagle point, just to admire the view.
Eagle Point Scenery at 7pm 
Right through the sea

So this was I did at Bairnsdale. have you heard about Bairnsdale before? And what you know about it? Tell me what you know about it, and anything I have to know around Australia.

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See ya and have a good day...:)  

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