Finally It;'s My Graduation Day

May 01, 2017

Hi all,

How are you?
I am busy, especially in this April 2017. I was really busy. Because my working contract will be end soon, and I already said that I will not renew it, because I will move to Melbourne at the end of April. Taking care of my Visa, because it was lodged at the first week of this April, and 15 days waiting (not to mention Saturday and Sunday plus the national holiday, which was a lots at this April). Taking care of Mumun's Catio, finally it finished only in two days before I leave the town.

My office mate gave me a farewell party too. It's like a traditions when someone out from company, they made this kind of party. Beside all the happy things here, I actually not really enjoy living here. But it was my achievement, because I can stand in this place for 6 years. At the end, I came at the party.

Farewell speech? I don't know what to say, my happiness in this place was just a small thing from a huge burden I have. To be honest, in the last department of this company, my life was better. At the department before they always compare me with the other woman (in this department they just have two woman). My different character made them didn't really like me as the way I am. In this last department, I got a freedom to be myself, even thought sometimes your voice is drowned because they think I shouldn't have an opinion.

I didn't put any grudged to all the people there. But when someone suddenly tried to made me remember what happened with someone that I ignored, it just made me think, why they want me to remember something that I don't want to remember. Yes, I don't want to remember someone that treated me badly, someone that never trust your ability as a human. This person actually someone that never want to put woman in the better place. He always said about how lucky he is have a son that studied at Germany (while I know there is lots of Indonesian at German, and study at German is not something new. I always heard it since in my college era). And proudly tell a story how his male nephew married with Germany woman. Then when I said I also planning to get my Master degree. But he said, you are a woman, you don't need to get a higher education. Alright sir! To me, you are finish. I don't want to respect someone that don't want to respect people choice. No, I'm not hate him, just ignore him, as same as he ignore the woman ability to get what a woman want.

This made me want to finished the party quickly. I really want to said: F**K THIS PLACE, I'M F***ING OUT OF THIS MOTHER F***** PLACE.
A Typo Cake

Disappoint, because nothing special, they gave me a typo cake????? Where was their thank you for me??? 
an (they said) extraordinary, not-so-extraordinary menu

I thank for all the party, the under expectation party, typo cake, and also under expectation menu too. What an effort.

I know some of you happy that I finally walked out from this company.

Oh yes, talking about wedding invitation and ticket to Melbourne? Really? Please maintain a good relations and communication to me first. I will consider it.

Sharing job at Melbourne? LOL. Did you will take someone that "only" able to gave you "waiters" job?

I'm being sensitive? Well, just think about all the effort to makes you feel good and worried less, but yeah... I'll see you when I see you.
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