Reuni, Farewell & Surprise Birthday Party

April 13, 2017

Good day all,

How are you all After a long time not making a new post, here it is, a new one...

End of this March was my birthday. I thought it will be like before, I will just received birthday's saying from my Social Network, Facebook, Path, Whatsapp Group. It is indeed like that. The entire day All I did was replied all the birthday greetings. Just greetings no present, no party, nothing.

Beside, I also have to focused on my plan moving to land down under, so all of the greetings I feel enough.

A week after my birthday, my high school friends asked me to came to a small reunion, this is because I did a live at my facebook with one of my high school friend, and they want to meet us too. This was the reunion with them, they said because I will move far away from them. The first time I came to Kalimantan, we made a reunion, now when I will move from Kalimantan they also held a reunion.

So, after we agreed with all the time an place, the day was come. Of course we also had dramas, suddenly some people leave the chat group, some people can't go at the day which already stated, and making the new schedule (WTF). At the end, we agreed with majority decision. It makes me sick if someone didn't came and gave an idea at all, but when we agreed about something suddenly she came and changed what we already agree. Oh well, too bad. We've found the agreement, if you able to come, just come, if you are not, bad luck.

At the day we agreed, I was the second person that came at the venue. That was amazing, because my house was more far away from the other, plus I had to stop because there's timber at the middle of the street, because of the strong wind the night before. At the end, then next an hour, the third person came. Then the others...

Surprisingly, it was not just reunion, they also made a surprise party for me. OMG! This is really surprise, of course I am happy. Why? This was the first surprise party for me, and also the first party for me. Even thought it was a simple party, but I was so happy and also awkward, because this was my first party.

I finally got birthday cake, and blew candle. LOL. I really enjoyed it, even it celebrated with a few friends only. I was thankful for all the greeted and prayed from them. Suddenly it became the farewell party. Even it was farewell also, but it doesn't mean we had to be sad, just be happy.
my birthday cake, only for me... woohoo!!!

And the surprise it didn't stop there. They also gave me present. One present from all. LOL. Awesome. They gave me lip palette from NYX. Wow, they knew that I really love and have a lipstick collections. Thank you so much for the present, I really appreciate it.
my present... NYX Lip Cream Palette... Laaaffff...

Back to office after the field break ended, I thought it will be like any normal day at field. But suddenly I got a surprise from one of my office friend. And, she gave me lip cream!!! Even this was a local product, but I once told my self I really want to have that, apparently, I had it trough her. This was really awesome.
another loving present... pixy lip cream... i also laaafff it

At the end, my birthday this time was really awesome. In my life I never had a reunion, birthday surprise, and farewell party in one, and a lovely presents. Feels like the first time, but I guess it was the first time I received a birthday presents.

Thank you so much too for all who had their time to write at the SNS, or personal chat. People who made a beautiful words, or them who just only copy and paste, people with "when will get the food", and them who gave me presents. Thank you so much. You are amazing people.

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