Dear Reader, Please Help Mumun So She Can Reunite With Me

February 13, 2017

Hi, good day all.

This time I want to ask your help to help me bring Mumun to Melbourne. As we planned before, I will move to Melbourne at April 2017. Moving to Melbourne takes lots of fee: visa, and all the things we need to make me able to work and having a permanent resident status there. It need lots money, until Rp100.000.000.

But, this already covered by us, so there will be no problem for mine. The only problem that become my concern is my baby furry, Mumun. (if you want to know about her, just click this link: MUMUN).
We already decide that Mumun should come to Melbourne too, but the expenses to bring her to Australia took half of my expense.

Australian requirement to bring pet to Australia actually so simple, the pet should free from rabies, and came from rabies free country. Unfortunately, Indonesia is not one of the rabies free country. So I can't bring Mumun to Australia directly from Indonesia. It means we need to put lots of efforts to make her have the requirement that needed.

Main requirement is she have to be free from all the animal viruses. So she have to get the vaccinations. We passed this step, and I also made the post about her got her vaccines HERE.
After this step, she have to get the permit documents that allow her get from Kalimantan island and also documents that allow her to be at another place outside Kalimantan (in this case is Jakarta). We already found the pet transport that able taking care the documents for it, and taking care all that she needs until she arrived at Australia. Beside the documents, she have to get two different serology tests. One tests to get her out from Kalimantan, the other to get her to Australia. The serology test to get her to Australia took a longest time, because her blood sample have to be send to Australia to tests, and it need lots of expense. Because she have to get her test done in one laboratory at Kalimantan, then this laboratory will send the blood test to the pet transport to Jakarta, and this Jakarta pet transport will send it to Australia, to be tests at CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory. CSIRO is the only laboratory that approved to do the serology test for every animal that will enter Australia.

After all the serology tests done. Mumun have to face a long journey, even longer than mine. Before, she have to be sure to get microchip implants. The journey will start from Kalimantan to Jakarta. Stay there for at least 3 days. Then she will be send to Malaysia for a week, for getting her documents from Malaysia, after that she can fly to Australia. In Australia, she have to get another quarantine, before I can take her.
Australian Government for bringing Cat or Dog to Aussie's web page
Countries that Accepted according to Australian Gov, Dept. of Agriculture and Water Resources

As informations, this is the link from Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Australia Government, for us who want to bring our cat or dog to Australia:

This is the documents that she needs for travelling:
  • Acknowledgement letter from animal husbandry department that stated she is able to bring out from Kalimantan
  • International health certificate and also export permit from animal husbandry minister of Indonesia
  • Serology sertificate
  • Import permit from Malaysia, when she arrives at Malaysia

Maybe just that, but to get all of that, I need lot of expense. To be noted, it just the documents, not about all the expenses for her journey that cost us Rp20.000.000 from Kalimantan to Australia. The entire expense we need for all is around Rp50.000.000
Email from the pet transport (1)
Email from the pet transport (2)

Some people asked why I really want to bring Mumun with me to Australia. Why I am not leaving her at Indonesia, then buy another cat there. Why I want to do all of this for a cat?
Part of My Life, Mumun

If you read my post about my baby furry, maybe you know how much she means to me. I always wanted a cat or a dog. But lots of people said that they are not healthy. They can give you toxoplasmosis. You will not able to pregnant, etc etc.

Thank you for modern world, I can google what is toxoplasmosis. At the end, cat is not the only animal and thing bring this virus into your body, and there always a preventive action to stop this virus entering your body. These are some website in Indonesian language about how to keep your cat clean and clear from all the viruses, including toxoplasmosis:

From all the knowledge I found in the internet, finally I have Mumun. I adopt her when she was not older from 3 months old. She's my first pet, and I love her like my own family. I made her clean and beautiful indoor cat. I have a reason why I always put her inside the house. Because where I stay, outdoor is not good for cat, especially for indoor cat like her. She is a cat that always clean. I really taking care about her food, her cleanest, and also make her free from all the viruses.

My worried about outdoor life is the only reason for me to keep her inside. Outside the house, there are lots of wild cats, dirty, and full of viruses. How could I let Mumun get outside and have a contact with those wild and dirty cats??? Can you imagine if you let your cat go outside, and without we know they stepped at the cat's poop, it's dirty, and full of viruses. Then she come back home, bringing those viruses at her feet. While cat not taking a bath everyday. Or, found some dirty food from the bin, like what a wild cat do? Viruses, viruses, viruses. That is my reason to keep Mumun inside.

Not all Indonesian people treated their domestic cat like mine. Some of them let their cat going outside, eating human food, or any food, pooping outside, meeting dirty wild cats. But I can't let Mumun doing that. Mumun is important for me. She is part of my life, I care for her, that is why I always taking care of her health. Some people think I am too much taking care of her. Just because for them she just a domestic breed, a breed with no price.

But those people doesn't understand that for almost two years I spend my life with her, she's the only one that capable to make me feel warm and the only reason why I want to spend my day at home. She already being something special in my life. Everyday, she the only thing I think about.
Mumun at her first day at home, almost two year ago

I treat her really special. I give her the best cat food, while other who have the same breed pet give their cat the leftover of their own food. I always cleaned her litter everyday, while other just let their cat poop outside. Give a vaccinations to her, while one of the person who have the same breed who knows her cat is sick just let the cat sick until it died. I love her so much.
Mumun and her cute sleeping habit
Even I tried for looking a new parents for her, but my requirement is too much for them. Like what kind of food that you can give to her, how many times per day, how much, how many times you have to change her litter, how many times you have to bath her, on time bringing her to vet. For them these all too much, but I think it's not that much. If you love your pet, you will do the same right? But why they don't want to do it?? 
Mumun now, pretty and healthy
 I couldn't let Mumun have a parents that doesn't care about her. Doesn't care about her food, her cleanest, her health, and her life. I don't want her to be as same as any domestic cats that they have. She is special and always be special for me.
her cute sleeping habit that never change 

My baby that grow healthy, clean, and secure
So, this is the reason why we want to take Mumun to Australia. Then we made this donation account, that you all can access. My boyfriend help me alot so we able to bring her with me to Melbourne. For all the reader of this blogs, I really hope you can help us to donate some of your money to make us able to bring her with me. This is the link to donate:

We really hope you can help us by donating to Mumun. This will be mean a lot for the three of us. It means Mumun still have a better life with me, at Australia.

But if you still not able to donate, please help me by share the link to your social media account.

As information,
The donation will be in Australian dollar, but it doesn't mean you not able to donate. Because it will convert into Australian Dollar.

We would be so grateful and full of thank you for you all if you able to donate and finally bringing Mumun to Australia, with me.

Thank you for your time... :)

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