This is My Indomie Creations, How About You?

January 15, 2017

Good day all,

I am a big fans of indomie since I was a little. I also love creating my own Indomie. I've tried making fried indomie ala Javanese traditional noodle, making indomie ramen looks like Japanese ramen, martabak, noodle sausage, etc.

For me, the best indomie is indomie goreng, and I really like spicy Indomie goreng. At Indonesia, I can find lots of variants of Indomie goreng. Rendang, green chili, satay, ribs, and the newest one, indomie goreng with soto flavor, and onion chicken flavor. I almost taste all indomie variants.

For ramen like Indomie, the best is almost every places in Indonesia have its own Indomie flavors, the Indomie "Selera Nusantara" the called. But my favorite indomie ramen is chicken curry. I love to cook it with choysum, crushed garlic, and when boiling it, crack an egg in it, and I served it with fried shallots. I like Coto Makassar flavor for "Indomie Selera Nusantara" at the place where i've stay. I also like to taste Soto Banjar and Soto Banjar Jeruk Limau Flavors.

At my college era, around 2003- 2012, I stayed at Jogja, and I remember we can found the the green beans porridge kiosks around the city, and this kiosks open 24 hours. This kiosks is the savior of the hungry student at this city. Why? Beside it have its green beans porridge, it also have it's indomie, and also lots of fried snacks, and they sells it with really cheap price.

Near my office, there is one kiosks that also sells indomie, and become the favorite kiosk for the employee. We call it "Warung Bude". My boss said it's "Bude Bar & Resto".

I think indomie is one of the famous Indonesian food, because you can find it almost all around the world. You even can find it at Africa. So it was not something weird if you can find indomie in Melbourne. And also, my boyfriend also love indomie goreng. And he always said "there is nothing wrong with indomie goreng." And he always buy a box of indomie goreng all the times.

We were had one day only eat indomie goreng, breakfast and lunch are indomie. That's how much we love Indomie.

So here are some of my Indomie creations:
this is my boyfriend's creation. He like to put a sunnyside egg and fried shallot plus fresh spinach
This indomie goreng I made with tamagoyaki, and sprinkeld with chilli paper and coriander. 
indomie goreng with choysum, fried sausage, and sunnyside egg
sometimes i also add fried chicken
this is one of my indomie ramen creation. fried tempeh, poach egg and cucumber

Or just the choysum and boiled egg 
Mas Bojo said this one is beautifully made... LOL

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