Hello Straya: Pedestrian Suspense Bridge & Agnes Fall, Victoria

January 07, 2017

Good day all,

My second visit to Melbourne a little out of plan. Sometimes in one day, we don't know where we want to go. And if we want to go to the other cities like Perth or Sidney, it tooks us longer time. Luckily my boyfriend is a great traveller, he always had something to visit around. This time he took me to the eastern Victoria. After went to the Point Nepan, this time he took me to Agnes Fall. He found it when he saw post at Visit Melbourne instagram. This instagram account really help us to get the references where to go around Melbourne, including this Agnes Fall. My boyfriend just jump at the google and search for way to Agnes Fall.

At the middle of the journey, he stopped at Suspension Bridge, Loch, Prom Country, South Gippsland. This place is little hidden. Placed around Loch-Poowong Road, there are two ways to come into this bridge. Trough the highway or trough the Memorial Reserve. If you want to walk, you just parked your car at near the Memorial reserve.
Map to suspension bridge from googlemap

This bridge was buld by Loch people for honor their heroes at world war I. Build at the top of Loch river, and surrounded by trees, this bridge is actually not the longest bridge. But, for you who love to explore a new thing, this also can be another alternative. At the end of the bridge, you can see the wooden statue, and this statue is also the symbol of the Loch people to honor their hero.
suspension bridge sign inside the memorial park Loch Village
(picture belong to
the suspension bridge
statue of Australian soldier at the end of bridge, build to remember their serve to the country at world war I
After enjoying the bridge, we continued our journey to Agnes Fall. Still at the same area, the road to Agnes fall was really beautiful. The nature served us with green hills at our left and right, and also lots of cattle around. So beautiful and neat.

Agnes fall located at Hazel Park. This place is hills with beautiful scenery. green grass, cattle, farms.
hill and animals will be the scenery around 
After entered the Hazel park Rd, all we going to do was found the Agnes Fall Road. This is the only way to go to the waterfall. Always be really careful, because lots of cattle here.

Like all the waterfalls in Victoria, Agnes fall also have its own park. So you can have picnic around. When we went there, we found a brand new building at the park. A little gazebo at the middle of the park. This park also have the same facilities like any parks in Victoria, public toilet and also picnic bench, and the barbecue's grill. Don't forget always bring the trash together with you.

Agnes fall is one of the biggest single waterfall in Victoria. With 59 meters high, we didn't find any difficulty to get the best view of this waterfall. The bridge unfortunately was build far enough from the waterfall, so we can't see it closely.
Agnes Fall 
This waterfall is really good, I am not disappoint of it. Plus, East Gippsland provide a very beautiful scenery. It also really easy to reach the waterfall, and not too tiring. Overall, for one day trip that day, I really enjoy it.

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