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December 31, 2016

Good day all,

We went to the beach!!! I really want to go to Australian beach, and the last visit finally we went to the beach. Even spring season is not that hot, but we found one day with very good sunshine.
Miss Across the Sea at the beach

Our destination was the very famous beach destination at Melbourne, Brighton Beach. This Brighton Beach is really famous because its bathing boxes around the coastline. At summer this is Melbournian favorite place to go. Apparently, these bathing box is owned, so you can't just only do something with other properties.
Brighton Beach full of tourist

Because it's tourist attraction, you will always find tourist in here. Too bad, most of them stayed only in some of the boxes near the entry gate. The more you walked further, the more you will see bathing boxes free from the tourist. It said it was 1.860 bathing boxes around Phillip Bays Port and Western Post. And Brighton boxes is the only places nearest to Melbourne CBD.
lot's of tourist at all the coast line
another Stephen Seagull enjoying the brighton beach

It's a little bit too much people that day, so we didn't really enjoy walking around there. Simple, once you try to have a picture of the boxes, you will get distract by the-don't-want-to-know tourist. One or two.

So we tried to walked a little bit too far from the boxes which have lots of tourists. And yes, in some places that a little far from the entry gate, we found only a views tourists around us.

This beach actually best for having a sunbathing, or maybe you just only want to walked around it. That day the sea was really calm, and didn't have a big tide. At the end of the beach, I found lots of small shells. Some local tourists playing with their family near the rock, or playing with their dog.
Another side of brighton bathing box beach
another side of brighton bathing box beach

Since there was lots of tourists there, so we didn't want to take our time longer at Brighton beach. So we went to another destination near this beach, half moon beach. In this beach we can found the HMVS Cerberus shipwreck.

HMVS (Her Majesty's Victorian Ship) Cerberus is a warship made for served Victoria Naval Force and Royal Australian Navy. Made at 1867 and finished at 1870, it sinked at blackwater, half moon bay at 1924. And at 1993 it was a main attraction for diver around, until it really sink at 1993.
Shipwreck of HMVS Cerberus Map
HMVS Cerberus wreck at 2007 (courtesy of Wikipedia)
Bird eye of HMVS Cerberus Nov 2006 (courtesy of

If you are lucky, you could see the shipwreck from the beach. But unfortunately, the only way to get close to the shipwreck is by dive to the shipwreck. Actually there was a remains of the bridge which used to take the tourist to see the shipwreck closer.
wave at blackwater beach

Can't see the shipwreck clearly? It didn't matter for me. I enjoy the beach by walked around the beach. We found the beautiful cliff around called ref bluff cliff. This place is the best point for some people did their sunbathing, without worrying getting distract by lots of tourists. As far as we enjoyed the beach, we only met three groups of tourists, some young people, another couple like us, and someone who enjoyed the scenery alone.
Red bluff Cliff
We finally went until the edge of the cliff. Actually, if we want to climb the will, we can go to the hidden beach behind the cliff. And that is a nude beach!! LOL. This nude beach placed between blackwater beach and brighton beach.

Well, if you are lucky enough, you can also find some part of the shipwreck aroun it, like what my boyfriends found. 
Shipwreck remining at beach (courtesy of
Shipwreck remining at beach (courtesy of
I love going to the beach. How about you? 
Yes, I love beach sooooo much...

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