Trying Samyang Hot Spicy Noodle, in Australia

December 19, 2016

Good day all,

As a noodle lover, seems not perfect if I am not try the Korean noodle that become a big hit in Indonesia. yes! SAMYANG HOT SPICY NOODLE. I actually wanting it for a long time ago. I interested with it because they said it is the spiciest noodle ever.

Because the price of this noodle is quite expensive in Indonesia (if you compare it with Indomie), so I always decline to buy it.

The funny thing is I have this noodle when I was at Melbourne. One day my boyfriend want me to make him a rendang. Since I don't know how to make it, so I decided to made it with instant spice. So my boyfriend took me to Indonesian shop, near Philippines shop. From its name, I can make it sure it is Indonesian Shop "Indah Shop".

Apparently, they not just sell Indonesian things. Malaysian, Philippines, even Indian things are all here. Even they have three different rendang spices, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Indian. But what I want is Indonesian rendang.

While we were at this shop, we started to look around too. Found lots of Asian things here. Until I found noodle alley. Of course they also sells Indomie. Until I found this Samyang noodle, and it only cost AUD 7 for 5 packs.
AU$7 for 5 pieces... love it
Some people said the price is not too much different with Indonesian price. Well in where I stay this Australian price is way too cheap than what they have in my place,

The next morning, my boyfriend offered me to try this noodle. Of course I said yes. But when it serve I remembered that this is a spicy noodle, I didn't want something happened with my stomach because i ate spicy food for breakfast. So I asked my boyfriend to put cheese on it, even I stil didn't know how spicy the noodle is.
Hot Chicken Flavor...
Is it really spicy? At the end, I can say it is a spicy noodle. But if you are a truly spicy food lover, this nood is not that spicy. So, I was a little bit disappoint putting cheese at my noodle.
For them who are not able to eat really spicy food, top it with cheese, as one of the alternative. And it the taste is not change
Usually, when you eat spicy food, the first flavor is the hot spicy one. But in this noodle, after the spicy one, the other flavor that I could taste was the bitter taste. No other taste than hot and bitter.

For you who like the flavor of noodle, maybe this noodle is not good enough for you, but if you like to play challenge by eating spicy food, especially for you who don't like spicy food, this is the right one.

If you want to minimize the spicy flavor of this noodle, you can add cheese or sunnyside egg, or prepare milk to help minimizing the spiciest flavor.

Then again, this is just my personal opinion about this noodle taste. And this opinion is not the opinion for all the noodle lovers out there. 

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