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December 07, 2016

Good day all,

Remember the post about me having a present for my boyfriend birthday? If you forget, you can click THIS LINK.
Since he have Wookie as his nick name, which is taken from the Chewbacca from Star wars, so it's like a tradition that all the people around him giving a wookie present for him.

Even my first plan was came back to Melbourne at his birthday month, but because of something, I finally flew a month after his birthday. That is a good thing, because it means I have one more month to finish my project.

Where I stay is a little bit difficult to find anything about Chewbacca. Again, I have to depend on the internet to find what I want. The good thing giving the present a little late is that you know what kind a presents he already have. Like this year he got wookie beanie, wookie wine glass, and wookie bottle opener. Sometimes it also stressed you up, because you will need something elese. At the end, I decided to give him Chewbacca Funko-Pop. This kin of toys is a big hit in Indonesia, actually I also want to have some, but still don't know what character I want to have. Again, I am looking for this present at
Funko-Pop Chewbacca

My project actually making my own birthday card. Since I want to give it to him for his birthday, so I am looking for the design all around the internet, until I found one instagram account called@surelysimpleblog. This account giving you lots of example about making very simple design but beautiful.

These are some of the design that I've tried:
First attempt, small wrath
bigger one
Difficult shape one
Sometimes I stuck because I don't know what else I have to do. Because at the same month I arrive there, we also celebrate our anniversary, so I thought I should have one more card for our anniversary. And of course I depend on internet to find the idea. Well... At first this is my first attempt:
one example I found on internet
And I tried hard to made it:

And at the end, I failed...
Finally I made cards with my own idea.
For the paper, I choosed corrugated sheet paper, because it looks cool, and thick. So I can use it as the basic of my card. I also can fold or cut it.
I also use two kind of origami paper, one with no motif, the other one with the motif.
Beside that, I also add a dry flower.
First attempt of making a DIY card
Inside the card

The first card was not satisfied me, look so bad, so I tried to made the second one.


Here you go, the card for my boyfriend's birthday & our anniversary
the birthday card

the words inside, all hand written (still need lots of practice tho)

His picture and chibi wookie... and minions... our (read : my) favorite 
the anniversary card
the inside 

does the word look disgustingly romantic... HAHAHAHA

Surprisingly he like it...YATTAAAA!!!!!!
Courtesy his facebook page

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