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Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid #colorsensational ~ Review

November 22, 2016

Good day all,

If you remember I already made a post about make up box from maybelline here. Now I will make a review about one of its lipstick, Color Sensation Vivid Matte Liquid Color number MAT 6.

For all the lipstick lovers, you probably know in Indonesia, matte lipstick is a big hit here. Maybelline also have their matte product. You know, this product who have Gigi Hadid as its model.
Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Commercial
From their Indonesian Maybelline website, this kind of lipstick have 10 different beautiful colors. Some have nude colors, but some colors are brighters.
Color Choice from Maybelline Vivid matte Liquid
Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid MAT 6
My Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid MAT 6 Color
This MAT 6 number is the same color like the color that Gigi Hadid have in its commercial. It said beside giving you a matte result, this product also moisturize our lip, and makes the colors not cracked at our lip.
This is the color result of MAT 6

Talking about the brush, like another brush in any liquid lipstick, this lipstick also have small and a hole at the middle. It makes me easier to apply it at my lip. You can measure the amount of the lipstick with this kind of brush. 
very nice and easy to apply brush
The first time you put it at your lip, it really smooth, and the result is not 100% matte, but you will have the velvet sensation for the result. Maybe same result like missha lipstick. really soft.

This lipstick also good for you who want to have ombre lip. All you going to do just put in the middle of your lip and tap it to the entire of your lip with your finger.

I like this lipstick, even not my best one, but for making ombre lip. I would trust myself with this lipstick. Even with the bright color like MAT 6, I can use it for my everyday life.
this is me trying the lipstick at the office
a close up of doing gradation lipstick with this lipstick
 Great product from Maybelline. Like it... :) 

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