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Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated When You at Melbourne

November 13, 2016

Good day all,

In this post, I want to share you some tips for you that want to go to Australia, especially for you who care about your skin.

Australian weather is completely different with Indonesian weather. Some cities at southern Australia have four season, but in the north of Australia, it will be more tropical. The differences between four seasons in Australian and any other countries are the time. In Australia, spring start from September to November. Summer start in December to February. Autumn from March to May. And Winter start from June to August.

last time I came to Melbourne was at October, it's spring time. In this season they already have Daylight Saving Time (DST). DST started at 2am in the first week of October and ended at 3am at the first week of April. DST makes the time in Melbourne one hour faster than before. What will happened at DST? To be easy in this time the sun will set a little bit longer than usual. I still can see the sun at 7pm, and already bright at 5am in the morning.

DST doesn't affect much to Indonesian. But for me, it is a little bit difficult. The time difference between Melbourne and my place usually only two hours, but DST come it become 3 hours difference. If Melbourne already midnight, my time still 9pm.

Humidity in Australia is different with Indonesia. You can stay outdoor for a long time, having run, but it took really long time to produce sweats. But they said it will not going to happened at summer time. I will tell you what summer feels in Australia, latter.

The autumn and spring in Melbourne are not too different. It is cold, but in spring we can feel sunlight longer than autumn. In the spring, we have to be really prepare for rain. brollie (Strayan slang for umbrella) and raincoat always ready all the time. In this season, sunlight is my bestie, it is really different with what I did at Indonesia, I always hide from the sunlight, it burns!!!

The spring season is really dry for me, so sometimes it affect our skin too. So, for you who have a really low moisture at your skin, you should pay more attention to your skin. My first day in Melbourne already made my skin cracked.

Since I know that my skin is a combination type, sometimes is oily, especially if I have lots of humidity around, and it become really dry if there is not enough humidity, I found some tips for you who have the same skin type likes me, and planning to go to Melbourne.

Drink lots of water is good for your skin, because our skin also can get dehydrate too. This is the first preventive action and simple for keeping your skin hydrate. It will caused you always want to go to the toilet, but don't have to worry, because public toilet in Melbourne are everywhere and clean. But if we forget to bring our mineral water, while we are at the city, just find a nearest garden, they provided a drink fountain too.
Selalu sedia air mineral
Always put body lotion that have high moisturiser after taking a shower. Why after shower? Because after shower, our skin will open their pore a little big, and easily absord all the proteins and vitamins inside the body lotion. Also always bring the body lotions everywhere, so when we feel our skin getting dry, you can immediately put the body lotion onto our skin.
oleskan body lotion dengan formula melembakan setelah mandi
When you clean your face, choose the cleanser who have the higher moisturizer level, and avoid cleanser who consist of alcohol, it will make your skin dryer. My favorite product is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, easy to use and also really soft like water. The pink color fit me because it for sensitive skin.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, pembersih make up tanpa alkohol dan melembapkan
If you can, you can use makeup base that able to moisturize our skin. I usually used Vaselline Petroleum Jelly. Beside for moisturize our skin, this product also help regenerate our dry skin. If you want to buy this product, this product sells everywhere in Australia, and also with the cheap price.
Produk ini ciamik banget pokoknya. Membantu banget
You can add nano mist in this list. I always have it at my bag. So everytime I feel my face dry, I just turn this nano mist on, and spray it onto my face. You can put a normal water inside, just to get your skin hydrated and also not wipe your make up off.
Nano Mist, benda yang sebenarnya optional untuk dijadikan list pencegahan kulit kering

So, those the things that I always do to prevent dry skin in spring season at Melbourne. You can also have your own way to prevent it. I think it is better to avoid all products who consist of alcohol.

Ciao... :)

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